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hej hej, tracklist: H.U.V.A. NETWORK - orientations part 3 (uncertainty principle) AES DANA - purple NAAGA - pray COSMOSOPHY - afrology VATAFF PROJECT - dvabrakia MUTE - where is eitan? PAUL KWITEK - crows CARBON BASED LIFEFORMS - set theory INVISIBLE REALITY - relaxation fixation KILOWATTS - monument KUBA - kailash HOL BAUMAN - one step behind BECOMING INTENSE - rano raraku I AWAKE - constellation of the heart SOLAR FIELDS - sky trees SYNC24 - mBorg IVANA - stagira (balkanika rmx) peace, f&l. hugs to Slash, Mark and all the TM family... 
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hej hej, tracklist: RADICAL DISTORTION - journey into your mind CHAKRA vs XI - x-files PANDEMONIUM - 4 snobs in a row FREELANDER - early morning tea DHAMSUTA - the sitting goddess SHARIGRAMA - bad feeling about this AMITHABA BUDDHA - obsidian stones RA - gateway eight AEROSIS - anazasi New school Goa Trance at its best... hugs to TM and Vitorio of course.... :wink: f. 
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tracklist: CARROTS & STICKS - dimension MINIMAL CRIMINAL - dark lord of the synth MUTE - doing his magic SENSIENT - loose fingers INVISIBLE REALITY - visibility IX LAM AT - arrival ACE VENTURA - rebirth (TETRAMETH rmx) SYMPHONIX vs ODISEO - deep inside CARROTS & STICKS - one life PHASEPHOUR - fun from far away BUTTERSONIC - ear peaks (MUTE rmx) ZEN MECHANICS - holy cities hugs to all, f. 
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hej hej, here is the tracklist: COSMOSOPHY - creak inn KODE SIX - katalysis GEO - glow motion (short edit) TOTAL ECLIPSE - banyan ZEN MECHANICS - vale da lua KUBA - freak controle ORCHID STAR - butterflies (mix by YOUTH) FRANKMAN - underarms DON PEYOTE - flutio interlude HOL BAUMAN - human hugs to all and thankx for support.... f. p.s.: we gonna meet the owners of Ultimae Records before the next episode, so a lot of goodies for the ep032..... :wink: 
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tracklist: PARAMATMA - consciusness ( ) SHARIGRAMA - push travel button ( INTERFACE RECORDS ) BRAINCELL - time tunnel ( ) JAWS UNDERGROUND - johnny got his gun ( ) YUDHISTHIRA - vshnu suktam ( ) SPIRIT MEDICINE - back to source ( ) SIENES vs VERB - current path ( ) YUDHISTHIRA - kavi ( ) MANIFOLD - doom ( ) hugs to all, f. 
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Super thankx... big hugs from us, f&l. 
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tracklist: NASSER - stick in my mind ( ) PHASE PHOUR - what ( ) AVIRON & ENIAK – infernal machine ( ) FREq – bazil (nyqusit prog.t mix) ( ) NASSER – green lines ( ) TIMEDRAINED – dream factory ( ) NASSER – end of day ( ) SOLAR FIELDS – kick back ( ) DUALISM vs MOTION DRIVE – dualdrive ( ) ZION IN MAD – h5b1 ( ) PHILTER – lie down ( ) RITMO - same ( ) cheers Slash... hugs, f&l. 
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So nice to be in here with you guys..... :love: :love: :love: here it is: tracklist: YAB-YUM - happy curious ( ) AJJA - pearcushion ( ) CHILLED C'QUENCE - horizon ( ) FEUERHAKE - trancehop ( ) ORCHID STAR - a day out of time (subsonar rmx) ( ) OTT - rolfcopter ( ) IBOJIMA - land of imagination ( ) DON PEYOTE - in havana (monsoon rmx) ( ) HOL BAUMAN - radio bombay ( ) I AWAKE - neveritized ( ) hugs to all, f. 
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thank you very much guys.... ;-) and special thankx to willy, who assure the sharing of our psy mixes while we do not have internet home.... :thumbsup: just a thought... we have moved to France now, so if u know organizers in France or Switzerland or the UK who are interested in us, just PM us.... :love: here is the tracklist: HOODWINK - kaput ( ) YUDHISTHIRA - wild princess ( ) HOODWINK - mental matrix ( ) AJJA - peripheral visions ( ) EVP - king of the bong ( ) REV - when it is! ( ) EARLY REFLECTIONS vs PRINCIPLE OF FLIGHT - crystal met ( ) SUDDHA - mental structure ( ) WIZACK TWIZACK - multi pressure ( ) PULSAR - in the face ( ) EVP - copy this ru ( ) big hugs to all, f&l. 
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here is the tracklist: CALIFORNIA SUNSHINE - oblivion MAN MACHINE - the green goodness PTX - terra soul SHARIGRAMA - push travel button MANIFOLD - shiva gluk SHARIGRAMA - something you need CHAKRA vs XI - x-files BRAINCELL - bodyspeaker 2008 PTX - unbelievable SQUAZOID - potion magic hugs to all at TM, special thankx to Slash.... f. 

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posted 12.2y ago in IDC 2009..
Maybe the teams could be built randomly..... will help people meeting each other and create amazing teams.... blind judging sounds great... 
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posted 12.2y ago in IDC 2009..
Really happy if u were dropping the international rule, cause we've been unable to join the party because of this the past 2 years.... Other thing, it should be a rule that determines how the genres must be splat... For example, a team cannot have 3 times the same genre that is working best in here, but the teams should offer 3 different genres, the most popular ones and the less popular ones... up to u to think how exactly... :cool: hope I am understandable :-D have a nice week, hugs to all, fred. 
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I really wish I could participate but it looks difficult to build a Swedish or a French Team... If anyone has an idea how to do it, please let me know.... Happy New Year, F. 
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I think this topic is very interesting and I think that it is nice that people know a bit more about this giant chewing-gum that is sound... But, In the end, it is good to know how to master sound..... ....but for me the colour of sounds tend to disappear with highest digital quality and that's why musicians like analog synths which have so much colours due to imperfections and age... So, the truth is always somewhere in the middle, and what science cannot explain so accurately is the effect of music and sounds on our souls... So a perfect spectrum can have sometimes the poorest results in what is the most essential in music: Transportation of feelings and emotions....... Having said that... Thankx to all for a nice contribution at educate us and collecting valuable info... Cheers, F. 
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Hej San, Is there 4 other Swedish Djs who wanna gather efforts and give it up Loud....? ;-) If not I am ready to move abroad let me know where.... :-D Hugs, F. 
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posted 14.2y ago in Offer - Flower Powder-Radio..
Progressive Trance Set with a touch of Psychedelism... 139 bpm... First of a serie... Hugs, F. 

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