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added partial tracklist! 
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{quoted:rtres} [00] ? [03] Cid Inc. - Forgotten [Balance - BAL025 DBP] [06] ? ... [14] Lehar - The Morning [Multinotes - 10] [18] Sentrea - Enterprise [Balance - BAL025 DBP] [20] ? [25] Tom Zeta - Catharsis [Einmusika - 148] [28] ? ... [37] Stage Van H - Breath Of Hope (Analog Jungs Remix) [Balkan Connection - BALKAN 0578] [41] ? ... 
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thansk! is a Facebook stream... I will wait for youtube videos to extract their audio 
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Thankss bro!! 
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:whistle: {quoted:Radion} I have not recorded it, I do not like this style of music, I record it a friend, I only share it any other question? :hmmm:[/quote] I just do not understand the fact that why mislead people if the quality does not match the original[/quote] I imagine that people do it because of the issue of the servers that pay for downloaded mb... having good quality to listen to enough music, it does not matter to 320,128 or 19999 :whistle: 
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{quoted:Radion} I have not recorded it, I do not like this style of music, I record it a friend, I only share it any other question? :hmmm: 
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{quoted:Radion} sorry :-/ thx for info 
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added 3.3y ago on
Line??? Are you really listening to that audio crap? please check your uploads first or I will be forced to go eliminating garbage like this, in tribalmixes we do not want quantity, only quality PD: As I said, if you keep posting sets of sites like mixing.shit or global.shit, I'll be forced to eliminate them 

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someone recorded day 1 of DGTL? :angry: 
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In these days of quarantine I am looking for all the old material from my CDs, I am sharing them online, I do not know the space that they will provide me for free to do it anyway I will find a way to share my entire collection (more than 500cd and other 200dvds) link If you are interested in some of these sets do not hesitate to ask for them (I will only accept requests through this post) Thank You!!! 
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{quoted:snacksbeagle} Click here ----> link 

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g3mlightning EDIT ME!!!! wrote on July 27th, 2014
iheartoink user wrote on April 2nd, 2015
can you please post the entire Carl Cox broadcast from Saturday? Thanks!!
lobojuankystarlightning Lobo wrote on October 15th, 2015
Hello Family Club: Thank you for the incredible work that doing !!! ....
I can not imagine the hours you invest in doing your job, but they are many and, if it's any encouragement,it is essential that people like me, a great and diverse world of electronic music more accessible and understandable.

Thank you very much for your work. Cheers

PD. Forgive my English, I use the Google translator.
Greetings from Barcelona...
viktordarabos user wrote on December 7th, 2015
Greetings Family Club!

First, thank you very much for your great work on this site!!

Could you reseed this torrent?

I can't find it anywhere :( Thank you very much!