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posted 12.5y ago in Sasha ++ VJ Cristobal..
i got about 40 mins of video and 300+ pictures of the night... Sasha is a really nice guy btw.. =) will post some stuff later :thumbsup: 
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posted 12.5y ago in !!Salvia!!
hey brother, it is truly a magical plant, but be cautious, it is very potent.. :love: you read some info here; 
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posted 12.5y ago in Sasha ++ VJ Cristobal..
thanks for the support guys :love: who knows if i will upload agian... i will never delete my account thats for sure, best place for music ever :) maybe i will start uploading my vj mixes soon =) 
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posted 12.5y ago in Sasha ++ VJ Cristobal..
BooM! It has been a long time since i've been active here and that is partly because i have been working alot with my VJ project for the last 6 months. Tomorrow i will play at a Renaissance party here in Oslo with Sasha, Marcus James, Inkfish, Nils Noa +++ :yoji: 
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=) sure, i'll gather all i got and what i can get that i dont have.. and then make a list.. iknow, 50gb torrent is kind of scary :D 
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allright... i'll make the preperations needed for this kind of a task...someone call 911 :cool: 
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BooOOm ShankaR! I am thinking to create a monstrous mega pack for you... I have about 50GB worth of Sasha & John Digweed mp3s & some video..The sets vary from 1989-2007.. It would be the ultimate Sasha & John Digweed reference! 40-50gb torrent, has this been done before? Is it even possible? Who would be interested ? 
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posted 13y ago in Awesome Nick Warren set! check it out guys... Its Nick Warren and a proper progressive set imo... Torrent should be more supported, it's even ripped by an uploader here! 
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already uploaded... 
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posted 13y ago in Food Recipes
well you can make it, duh ! :) 1. take half a cucumber, slice it in two.. remove the juicy middle part with a spoon.. Then chop the rest of the cucmber in small parts. 2. mince 4 parts garlic (feds?) 3. have it in a bowl. 4. add 10 spoons or as much as desired of youghurt (naturelle, and prefferably drained for water) 5. taste with salt and lemon juice, until you are satisfied with the taste.. very easy! 

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i'll try it :wink: tnx btw, MS version is usually split in two.. 
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Is it good quality as MS delivers ? If yes i'll get it from here :) Tnx for the up angel :) 
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tnx big bro :) always nice with new Cattaneo. 
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sweet =) is this good old progressive? plz say so! :lol: 
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tnx willy :) 
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can you be a bit more specific Willy ? Do they work or dont they? They work fine for me.. 
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cheers m8:) 
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it is my pleasure guys! glad to see so many happy comments :wink: Happy New Year! 
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you didnt have to in the first place, you could just choose the mix from 29.12 and leave the rest out.. it is very easy when you know how to do it, but apparantley quite complicated for those who dont know.. 

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