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posted 11.8y ago in My first ipod
{quoted:bocaccio11} if you just find someone to guide you through iTunes, you will realize that this piece of software is a very complete and innovative media organizer and that you can do just anything you would want to do from playing your media to manipulating with it like cutting and burning or importing CDs. A fact you should know, that iTunes is the main hidden reason behind the massive success of the iPod and the iPhone, and I know many people switched from win to Mac in behalf of iTunes, not to mention the iTunes Store as No. 1 online digital media store in the world. a Mac + iPhone + MobileMe account and your life will really go much more smoother, adding iLife software suite which comes pre-installed on any new Mac, and you will experience the meaning of digital life style ;-) Nice to see you again 
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posted 11.8y ago in Tell us your Cell Phone and..
Apple iPhone 16GB Black (Apple officially unlocked model) purchased from Italy Mobinil & Vodafone And I don't agree with you both, if you believe in the rights protection (unlike 95% of Egyptians), you will understand the Bluetooth issue knowing that iPhone's bluetooth supports pairing with any bluetooth device but not transferring data for obvious reason and the new iPhone OS will bring a cool new feature to use bluetooth in peer to peer (iPhones and iPod Touches) connections mainly for gaming without need for wi-fi or 3G. For the camera, I challenge anyone to prove to him that the iPhone's 2MP camera is better than many 5 and 7MP cameras found on Nokia and other phones, and that's because the factors that determines a good camera is not just how much set of data it could capture, there are some other factors like a high quality and expensive canon lens which is the iPhone's case, the catch here is the lack of a flash light for night shooting and video recording which are not issues to me, but sure I blame Apple for not including them. I also blame Apple for some missed features in SMS and the lack of Arabic support but it's coming soon. Also the new iPhone OS 3.0 will bring many missed and new features like cut, copy and paste, MMS, Spotlight and many more. If you guys just take a look from a wide view, you will definitely believe that the iPhone is the most advanced and innovative smart phone in the market and here's only few reasons: (1) Apple is new to mobile phones business, it's just normal to miss some features then get the feedback from users and add them, even if those features are famous in other phones, the nature and technologies in the iPhone like multi-touch control might be sometimes hard for the implementation of famous features like the copy and paste until they figure out the best and most convenient way to do it, Apple could sell to you an iPhone with every feature you could dream about but you won't be happy when it only last 2-3 hours on battery and at the same time exposing you to the world and putting your own security and privacy on risk!! .. it's an equation, they have to balance it in a convenient and satisfactory way and it is a really very hard task. (2) You would never find any similar device in the market, iPhone is very unique by including 3 devices in one, and that's not the point, the idea behind is the traditional ease of use of Apple, the full integration with iTunes, the full multi-touch 3.5" rich display and the way you browse your contacts, calendars, maps and youtube and all other media including photos, music and movies. Add a mobileme account (for $100 / year) and you will know what I'm talking about, just a very simple example, I'm on the road, and need to call someone, then I realized that I added his contact details only on my home or office computer, all I have to do is to find a wi-fi spot or use 3G connection to let mobileme pushes that contact from my home computer to my iPhone on the fly. Same goes for calendars and emails of course, not mentioning endless possibilities to share your files and photos with anyone with no hassle or wasting time. (3) From the software developing point of view, iPhone OS is the best, easiest and most reliable handheld developing platform ever, I'm not the one who says that, but more than 500,000 developers do, including many big and famous companies like EA whose CEO stated that the iPhone is the best and most amazing gaming device in the market, iPhone is the only smartphone and handheld in the world that is running a stripped down version of a fully compliant SUSv3 UNIX operating system called Mac OS X v10.5 (Leopard) which is running most of Apple computers, so what are the benefits ? (4) iPhone is the most secure and stable smartphone in the market. (5) Before even iPhone comes to life, there were millions of software developers all ready to write applications for it because it's very easy for a programmer who writes software for the father of iPhone OS which is Mac OS X Leopard to write with the least effort and time some nice and cool apps for iPhone, but Apple was really surprised when they found that exactly 62% of iPhone apps developers so far are all new to Apple!! and the Mac or iPhone developing, that simply means that thousands of other phone OS (windows mobile, symbian, blackberry..etc) developers had found out that iPhone OS is a very easy and rich developing environment so they decided to throow other platforms behind their backs and come up with thousands of amazing apps for the iPhone, at this moment, about 50,000 Apps are available on the AppStore, and they can do everything you could ever imagine, I have an application to report to me nearby police spots and speed cameras using GPS and another telling me if you are lying or not (based on FBI & CIA standards), another one could listen to any music around you and comes up with the artist, song and other info about that unknown song to me, an app makes you the center of a radar with all objects and things around you with their distances and direction, a compass, a ruler and much much more. All of these apps are free, I didn't mention any of the priced apps that do a really cool and very useful things. (6) Apple's goal at the first iPhone 2G launch was to take over only 1% of the mobile phones market by the end of 2008 which is nearly 1,000,000 sold iPhone, by the end of 2008, Apple had sold more than 16,000,000 iPhones. means that in only a year and half Apple have had nearly 16% of global market and about 37% of US market share sitting on top of other rivals like RIM's BlackBerry, Palm, Moto and Nokia. Apple's iPhone OS blown away Microsoft's windows mobile only after 3 months of iPhone 2G launch despite the fact that Microsoft has more than 6 years of experience in the market with their windows mobile platform. Just consider all of that and you will never think that this device is over priced, the fact is that the value of the device is actually higher than its price, and the iPhone cost for Apple themselves (I can't publish that) is much higher than you think, and the profit margin for Apple's iPhone is very low, the real flowing income is from the carriers and the AppStore, nearly 1,000,000,000 apps had been downloaded from AppStore till now. 
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posted 12.5y ago in I Need Help With My I-Pod
looks like iTunes 7.6 has problems with your WinOS, so you will just do the simple universal technique preferred in these cases: (1) create a new user account on your computer (2) try installing iTunes in the new user account (3) if it worked, so the problem was in your original account, and you can either use the new account for iTunes + iPod work only or start transferring your data from the old problematic account to the new clean and fresh one 
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posted 13.1y ago in WHAT DO U THINK OF THIS
I visited two places in Egypt, one with 8mb and the other with 15mb 
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posted 13.1y ago in Linux
what about this ? img 
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posted 13.2y ago in Linux
it's all about the firmware and the kernel .. Macs are the best 8) 
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my friend, wep is totally unsecure, use wpa2,its a secured encrypted connection, and also using acl in ur router to allow pc by mac address is recommended 
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posted 13.6y ago in Try This In Google About Slash
one year ago or a little more, I remember googling for tribalmixes gave me the link in the third or fourth page .. the conclusion is: you always reap the harvest you have sawn 8) 
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posted 13.6y ago in [Joke] Apple vs Microsoft
thanks my friend :) .. I believe that bill doesn't sux .. Ballmer and MS do suck :) 
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posted 13.6y ago in [Joke] Apple vs Microsoft
it's not self-importance, it's just Peace-of-Mind, have you ever got bored from those blue screens of death ? have you ever spent hours just trying to find a driver for a new device you bought and couldn't get it work with your windows ? have you ever lost all of your data and work because of a new virus attack ? have you ever been hacked ? have you... ? have you... ? these questions are endless .. Clumbsy call windows users "Windows Slaves", you know why? simply because they still get stuck in Windows, they spend most of their time solving their Windows PC problems instead of getting their word done, and guess what ? they're also still using Windows !! Apple has been differintiating itself from the whole industry with many aspects: one of them is that they don't care about Mac market share, they only care about the quality, innovation, compatability, simplicity and ease of use of their products, they spend a lot of money & effort on their products not caring what the price will be, because they know that only people who got the sense, people who can value the product instead of just looking at the price will buy their products, not to mention that Apple is dominating the professional segment (Video, Audio & Graphic Design), also they are dominating the portable music players market .. and in three hours from now, they will enter the handsets market with the iPhone .. and let's see :) 

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Thank you my dear friend 8)) … this one can't be missed 
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let me say something before i start grabbing this hot file .. the tracklist is AWESOME 
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{quoted:bidona} ofcourse we can't .. that's a fact came from a wise man :) 
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added 13.6y ago on Hernan Cattaneo - Live..
Thank You .. the music is fantastic, Hernan is Hernan :) 
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I know you might never see this comment, my dear friend because it's too late, but i'd like to say first. Happy Birthday to you and wish you a long, healthy and happy life .. second is about this torrent, actually this italian legend Luca Ricci maybe is not so popular to many people because he has some rare sets, but his name is spreaded in this scene through his amazing remixes as a cutting-edge music producer, according to my taste for this side of music, I loved Tribal House more than any other genre, and this guy really delivers a very organized and outstanding music and i refer this to his high class music taste, no-boundries imagination and creativity .. I believe that since I loved Tribal House Music back in 2001, if John Creamer is The King, then Luca Ricci is the Magician :) ... oh i forgot, and Steve Lawler was the General thanks alot for this GREAT contribution, bidona .. i'm grabbing it right away, i dont have half of these sets 
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Thanks :) 
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{quoted:fercho714} not, it's versus, steve starts at the last hour 
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Thanks for this one .. new talant here? tracklist looks awesome :) 
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downloading right now, feedback asap .. thanks for your effort :) 

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