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i think it's a cool idea.......Nice thinkin', bazooka!!!! 
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Hey, i just won today for the first time after buying alot of tickets & Nothing, atlast i won a 100 immortal points.... :-D with 31 was sure a hell of a moment for me :evo: anyways, i wanted to say that this lottery thing is totally cool. so, to all who think he won't win ever, i say don't give up, your luck will turn up & u'll win like i did...... CheeeeeeeeerZ & Luck To all you clubbers...... :yoji: 
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posted 15.4y ago in Ladytron, Sasha, Spooky..
:-) Yo,Kiril!!!!!!! What's up,man?!!! Wow, Looks like someone had a blast..... :yes: the pics r gr8!!!! the beach ,the music all you need to club your way up..... :thumbsup: i wish i was there.....but, it's ok....maybe next time!!!!! :-P ........................ C H E E R Z............................. 
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posted 15.4y ago in == ABOUT HELPING THE RATIO's ==
slash....i gotta tell you, this awards thing looks really fun.....i like it alot... hehehehehe :thumbsup: PS: i didn't understand the "Download Debit", can you explain it to me ,if you don't mind. 
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posted 15.5y ago in All Time Top 10 Tracks
Well, I think mine is as follows:- 01. Greed(Feat. Lesley)- Strange World[Lemon 8 Remix] 02. Andain - Beautiful Things 03. Deep Dish - Dreams 04. Dido - Sand In My Shoes[Steve Lawler's We Love Ibiza Remix] 05. Panoptic - Surface 06. Deepsky(Feat. Jess Brieden)- Ghost[Filo & Peri Remix] 07. Ernesto Vs. Bastian - Dark Side Of The Moon 08. Wonderland Avenue - White Horse 09. James Flavour - Powderroom 10. The Police - SOS[Delano & Crockett Remix] & More.........etc 
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Yo austin.......... great set of pictures,man!!!!! hernan & saeed.....WOW :thumbsup: specially saeed, he seems very nice from his smile!!!!! :-D the one with the fire works, Excellent timing,dude!!!! looking forward for your other pics......... Asmx ...OuT 
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well, i listenend to part 1 & 2, they both rock, simply sensational :thumbsup: .....nice work everybody uploading this!!!!! anyways,i think the correct order is :- Sander Kleinenberg - Live @ Andrea, Sakkara, Cairo[10-03-2006]Tracklist:- Part 1&2:---- 01. Land of the Pyramids (intro) 00:00 (Pt.1) 02. ID 1:22 * 03. ID 6:28 ** 04. ID 12:41 * 05. Mylo - Muscle Car (Sander Kleinenberg's Pace Car Mix) 19:10 06. ID 25:54 07. Supermodels from Paris - Keep On 31:14 08. ID 36:44 09. Til West - Same Man 1:43 * (From Pt.2) 10. TV Rock - Flaunt It (Dirty South Mix) 6:20 * 11. ID 12:34 * 12. ID 18:40 13. ID 23:48 14. Puncher - The Wall 31:38 cheers!!!!! :-D 
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Can anybody help me out with the tracklist ID? 02. ID 03. ID those are one massive tunes,guys!!!!!! especially 03.ID!!! i really want to know thier names, so if anyone knows or could help me out!!!! that would be great!!!!! cheers...... :-P 
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Yo Clubbers!!!!!! Great gig,wasn't it?!!!i really enjoyed it....anyways,if anyone got any photos or videos to share ,that would be great...thanx in-advance!!!! & many thanks to who uploaded the set.....many thanx!!!!! keep up the GREAT work!!!!!! cheers :thumbsup: 

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way to go guys..... :thumbsup: will feedback as soon as i grab it.... Cheeeeeeerz..... 
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:thumbsup: Aiwa Ba2a........................ waiting for tracklist. mate :-) Keep it up :yoji: 
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Way to go, RfRf!!!! :-D haven't heard it yet, but soooon :thumbsup: tracklist looks extreme ;-) :yoji: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz :music: 
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Thanx, Mikkell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D i'am really really glad u liked it ,there was some little mistakes.....sorry about that, hopefully the coming ones will be better :-) & another thanx to sasa..........saba7 :thumbsup: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz :music: 
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Thanx, Dude..................Really Appreciated :thumbsup: :yoji: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz :music: 
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Thanx, Shall!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :thumbsup: It Really means alot to me , really appreciated :-) Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz :music: 
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Tracklist Looking Good, mate :thumbsup: Loved this one.....keep up the good work.... Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz :yoji: 
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Thanx, Willy :thumbsup: Really Apreciate ur comment, mate :-D Hope you like it.......& tomorrow i'll upload a Tech set, i think you'll like....... anyways, don't forget to feedback good or bad..... ;-) Catch ya later cheeeeeeeerz, everyone :music: 
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Thanx, RafRaf................... Hope You Like, guys!!!!! :-D 
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added 14.3y ago on Markus Schulz - Global DJ..
{quoted:kai00sega} do you mean the story behind the name? well, the name "Fly To Colors" came as markus was making the the melody on a plane to Helsinki, to a club called colors.......thus "Fly To Colors" Nice Shit, MArkus!!!! :clap: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerz :music: 

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