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img Confirmed broadcast sources as of Nov 23rd: Ibiza Sonica Radio 
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{quoted:khalez} I had captured everything. More of that, I had captured all the things broadcasted live through Ibiza Sonica, so the first 2 sets (Robbie Akbal and Skizzo) and couple of minutes between Popof, Noferini and Sharam sets are covered, almost seamlessly mixed with Beatport coverage (it was much better this time). Also, I have almost eliminated the volume difference between these broadcasts and, basically, made Beatport broadcast a bit louder. 
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{quoted:khalez} 1h40m approximately 
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LAST MINUTE NEWS REGARDING THIS IS THE END BROADCAST: Igor Marijuan states that Sasha's set would be broadcasted ONLY via Ibiza Sonica. So now we have this situation: Robbie Akbal (Ibiza Sonica Only) Skizzo (Ibiza Sonica Only) Popof (Beatport x Ibiza Sonica) Stefano Noferini (Beatport x Ibiza Sonica) Sharam (Beatport x Ibiza Sonica) Sasha (Ibiza Sonica Only) Oh my :wink: 
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I did it. I have 2 versions of DD's full set repack: 1 - using tiny parts of Sonica broadcast to cover up every discrepancy from Beatport broadcast; or 2 - actually make a 2-part thing including 4h from Sonica and the rest from Beatport. I have used the 1st method and now I have 4h16m set. 
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Beatport has broadcasted 4h6m of Deep Dish, missing the most of 1st track. Also there were some internet issues during the 2nd hour. At the end, the broadcast was stopped abruptly at 10.15pm local time. Ibiza Sonica would replay their set in (I hope) it's full glory, so get ready, everyone. 
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Deep Dish's set is battered, yet I am still able to listen to it without losing the vibe altogether :) 
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M.A.N.D.Y. =\= Mandy these are 2 different DJ's, lol There's more! Mandy plays hardstyle, but M.A.N.D.Y. play house and techno. 
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nope, that's not full set. that's just the second part of his set. 
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added 3.7y ago on Darren Emerson - Global..
You may buy this mix = you can't upload it on tribalmixes, man. 
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Ok, it seems that had some connection issues with Moonear's set 
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Actually, Mike Servito's set is live from Untold 2017. More of that, this pack is not full. Some sets are missing and Sonja's actual set is 120 minutes, not 46. 
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Well, Marco Bailey's mix is not exclusive, aswell as Lonya one. All in all, it was massive! 

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