Sven Vath - The Complete Collection [12 Years of Sven] 2001 - 2013

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Here is a small extract taken from Svens Cocoon website. It is a good read to understand where his music comes from and some of his driving factors. As most fans will know, Svens 30 year anniversary was in 2011 since beginning his dj career, epic!


The year 2011 is mainly characterised by Sven Vth's 30 Years DJ anniversary. At the beginning of the year, Sven is invited to an event organised by the German Goethe Institute in Tokyo on the 150th anniversary of the German-Japanese friendship in order to talk with his long-time friend and colleague Toby Izui within a discussion panel about 30 years of DJing, on the basis of Sven's essay about his work as a DJ and the relation of Germany and Japan regarding Techno and club culture. In this context, Cocoon Recordings has also called for a producer contest in Japan and invited the winner to a personal meeting with Sven Vth in Frankfurt at the Cocoonclub.
During his traditional Australia tour, the terrible news about the disastrous events in Japan reach Sven. He is deeply shocked and the events make him think about the meaning of his work. In a statement on the catastrophe, he writes, "With my music, I have the privilege to contribute to this 'here and now', no matter where on this world. Many people regain their strength when they let themselves go in the music, and they need this strength for their daily life." In the sense of these words, he continues his world tour, which leads him to numerous club and festival stages on all continents (except Antarctica). Also the Ibiza season at Amnesia turns out to be the most successful summer since the residency had started and attracts more guests than ever before. Sven is again elected Best DJ in Groove Magazine at the end of the year and finishes the year with some more gigs in South America and Europe.


Sven's annual World Tour takes him to Asia and Australia first, before he returns to Europe and then heads to South America in April. The Ibiza season starts as successful as the year before and sees Sven performing as headliner no less than 13 times at the Amnesia.

Another important event in the life of the DJ visionary in this summer is the birth of his first son Tiga on July, 26th in Vienna. In September, the Green & Blue open air marks the grand finale after a phenomenal summer season, and more than 15,000 Cocoon fans celebrate at the Langen lake far into the night.

At the end of the year, Sven Vth publishes his personal retrospect in the form of his mix CD "The Sound Of The Eleventh Season", which immediately hits #1 in the category Best Compilation in the annual poll of Raveline magazine. Besides that, Sven is voted Best DJ national in the Groove magazine poll.


Besides Sven Vth's annual World Tour, the tenth anniversary of the Cocoon party series in Ibiza is the main topic of the year. Sven has visited the island already in the Eighties, and its magic has captured him immediately and never let go until the present. For him, Cocoon Ibiza always was and still is the manifestation of his ideas and visions in a perfect place. The jubilee was not only celebrated every Monday, it was also the motivation to stage a very special event, entitled "We party like it's 1989": Underworld played a live set at Amnesia and Sven has compiled a Best-of DJ set from the last 20 years of electronic music.

The second jubilee in 2009 was the 5th anniversary of the cocoonclub Frankfurt. For this occasion, Sven hired the Frankfurt legend Seor Coconut and his orchestra. In October, Sven celebrated his 45th birthday and there's no end of his tireless activities in the field of electronic music in sight.


In January, during their holidays in Thailand, Sven and his long-time girl-friend Nina Peter from Vienna became husband and wife within a Buddhist ceremony. Later, in May the occidental part of the wedding is held in Vienna.

Sven's annual world tour starts on January, 25th in Shanghai and ends on May, 17th in Romania, bringing him to 41 cities in 19 countries, including a small tour in Australia, where he plays alongside acts like the Chemical Brothers or John Digweed in front of 30.000 people and more.

The exhibition of Andreas Gursky's Cocoon pictures at Frankfurt's Museum fr Moderne Kunst is another highlight, celebrating the 50th 12" vinyl release of Sven's label Cocoon Recordings and an accompanying Mix-CD entitled "Cocoon Morphs Tokyo" - a collaboration with the famous Womb club in Tokyo where three special Cocoon events were staged in April. The artwork of the CD and the three 12"es that form the 50th release show one of Gursky's pictures of the CocoonClub. Arranged next to each other, the three record sleeves show the complete photography. "Cocoon morphs Tokyo" is an experience that reaches beyond single forms of art: The transparency and the elegance of the photograph continues in the music by Guy Gerber, Tiefschwarz, Pig & Dan, Guido Schneider & Andre Galluzzi, Ricardo Villalobos and Anthony Rother & Sven Vth himself.

Another important step for the highly ambitious DJ and musician was moving the Cocoon Head Office to its new premises in the U.F.O. building in Frankfurt-Fechenheim where the CocoonClub had its domicile for already five years now. Being designed by Morgen company, a Frankfurt-based team of interior designers, the rooms perfectly illustrate Sven's vision of Cocoon and its importance within the field of electronic dance music.


From January 26th until May 25th, Sven is again on his way on the stages around the world; besides the European countries like Spain, Italy, France, Greece, Denmark, the UK or Ireland, his annual World Tour also brings him to China, Japan, Argentina, Brasil and to the US.

This is also the year when Sven starts working with his long-time friend Andreas Gursky (born 1955), a German photographer known for the highly textured feel of his enormous photographs often using a high point of view. Gursky received a strong influence from his teachers, Hilla and Bernd Becher, who are known for their distinctive method of systematically cataloging industrial machinery. This method is similarly found in Gursky's methodical approach to his photography.

As of February 2007, Gursky holds the record for the highest price paid for a photograph for his work "99 Cent II, Diptych", which sold for GBP 1.7 million (USD 3.3 million) at Sotheby's, London. Gursky's series of photographs of the Cocoon Ibiza crowd composed with the Membrane Wall from the CocoonClub Frankfurt illustrates the connection Gursky has to Techno: he has said that the only music he listens to is Techno music because its simple symmetry echoes his own work, while playing to a deeper, more visceral emotion.


This year, Sven's annual World Tour lasts from January to May. First, he played a few gigs in Europe, then turned to Japan for two shows and went on to South America. In Medellin / Colombia, Sven played an amazing party together with Richie Hawtin and four shows in Brazil, which were also a landmark in his tour schedule. The seventh season of the CocoonClub Ibiza was a highlight lasting for three months, seeing Sven play ten times and the Closing Party "being one of the best nights I ever had."

In summer, he headlined several Open Airs like SonneMondSterne, Nature One, Vision, Street Parade and of course the Green & Blue Open Air in his hometown Obertshausen near Frankfurt. Remarkable releases in 2006 are the annual Ibiza Mix CD 'The Sound of the Seventh Season', being released in November and his collaboration with Anthony Rother for 'Springlove'. In October, a very special highlight takes place: Sven plays an exclusive show with Underworld at the CocoonClub Frankfurt.

In November, his seventh Ibiza Mix-CD is released and immediately enters the german compilation charts at # 6.


Sven starts the year with an extended world tour, leading him to Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Hungary, Italy, Japan, England, USA, Russia, Spain, Greece, BeNeLux, Finland and Croatia.

The Ibiza Season is the most successful Cocoon Residency so far. In November, one of the world's leading magazines in Electronic Music, Mixmag, awards the CocoonClub Frankfurt as best club worldwide.


Besides the next Ibiza Season and the second edition of the Green&Blue festival, another highlight is approaching: six years after the Omen closed, Sven Vth is opening a new club in Frankfurt: the Cocoon Club. This project is undoubtedly the biggest in Sven's life so far and sets new standards for clubbing worldwide. In the first six months, the venue attracted Clubbers from all over the world and left them highly impressed.

Sven celebrated his fortieth birthday on October, 26 in CocoonClub Frankfurt and this party proved the club to be a perfect place to enjoy Electronic Music.

Another highlight in 2004 is the Audio CD / DVD "The Sound of the Fifth Season", Sven's annual revue of the ibizenkian summer. For the fifth anniversary of the Cocoon residency in Ibiza, the Audio CD was enlarged with a DVD containing interviews, live sets and many other special insights in the Cocoon world.


The "Fire Works" Tour is highly successful and wherever Sven plays, he leaves behind a happy and enthusiastic audience, may it be in Europe, Asia or America. Besides his numerous bookings in this time, Sven is mainly busy with the conception of the Fourth Season of the Cocoon Club in Ibiza. However, another event casts its shadows: the Green&Blue Open Air at the Waldschwimmbad Atlantis in Obertshausen near Frankfurt. The Ibiza Season turns out to be the most successful Cocoon event series on the island so far and the last party 'The Final' on September, 15th of 2003 literally ends it with a Bang!

The Green&Blue Party is the last Open Air event of the year in Germany and represents something very special for Sven: for the first time in his career, he plays in his hometown Obertshausen. The idea for this rather unique event originally came from the local authorities and Sven and his company Cocoon were prepared to listen. Not only was the Waldschwimmbad Atlantis the perfect place for the Green&Blue, it also provided the name for the party: the vast lawn and the old trees created a perfect contrast to the blue water of the basins. For Sven, it was both a comeback to the place where he learned to swim as well as a reunion with many friends from back then.

In October 2003, the Mix CD "The Sound of the Fourth Season" is released on Cocoon Recordings as a double CD and hit the German Compilation charts on No. 15.


After the Fire World Tour and after the end of Cocoon's 2002 Summer Season in Ibiza, where the Cocoon Club hosted its fourth residency at Amnesia, Sven is looking back to this event series. On "The Sound of the Third Season", he once more pursues different paths: together with co-resident Richie Hawtin, he managed not only to bring the music on CD, but also the unique atmosphere at the Cocoon parties by including radioplaylike cuts from the people talking in the club.

In late summer, Sven produces his first 12" for his own label Cocoon Recordings: "Vision" is not only an hommage to the Festival of Electronic Music in the Swiss mountains but also a successful club hit. Besides his bookings all over the world, Sven works on the production of the Remix album "Fire Works", which includes remixes of the "Fire" tracks, made by well known colleagues. "Fire Works" is released in March 2003 and takes Sven once more to an extended World Tour.


This year sees a tremendous rise in popularity for Sven. He still has bookings world wide and he plays big festivals like I Love Techno in Belgium, Dance Valley in the Netherlands, Rave on Snow in Austria or Mayday in Germany. His residency at the Amnesia in Ibiza, as well as in New York's top club Twilo and London's The End consolidate his image as one of the Global Players in Electronic Music.

Resulting from the wild and rockin' nights in the Amnesia and the chilling and relaxed atmosphere in the After Hour Club Cala Llonga is "The Sound of the Second Season Noche y Dia", Sven's second MixCD.

The first sign of Sven Vath's ninth artist album, a cover version of Serge Gainsbourg's Classic "Je T' non plus" in a duet with French DJ Queen Miss Kittin, is released on Dec, 3rd. In March 2002, Sven's new album "Fire" is released. The corresponding Fire World Tour with about 60 gigs world wide lead his way to almost all continents, dozens of countries and the most exclusive and important clubs of the world.
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