Sven Vath - The Complete Collection [10 Years of Sven] - 1990 - 2000

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Here is a small extract taken from Svens Cocoon website. It is a good read to understand where his music comes from and some of his driving factors. As most fans will know, Svens 30 year anniversary was in 2011 since beginning his dj career, epic!


Sven starts the Contact World Tour in February. With thirty-three gigs in three months, he has sufficient time and space to introduce his new album. Varying from gig to gig, he presents one of the three co-producers of the album Alter Ego, Anthony Rother or Johannes Heil at his side. Cocoon grows unstoppably. With Cocoon Recordings, Sven establishes – together with Pauli Steinbach and Toni Rios – a further platform for DJs and acts. Apart from several single releases, the Cocoon Compilation "A" is released in June 2000. Since August 2000, the two hour radio broadcast Pitch Control, hosted by Pauli Steinbach and Chris Liebing is on air, featuring interviews, guests and loads of music.

After four dates in 1999, Cocoon is now represented in Ibiza each Monday with fourteen dates at the Amnesia. Sven’s idea of connecting Electronic Music with other forms of art, and thus offering the crowd a multisensual experience, is brought to life in the most perfect way in Ibiza. The connection of music, visual arts and the breathtaking surrounding on the island probably forms the most beautiful Cocoon. Being impressed by the atmosphere, and in order to provide his fans with a memory of this summer, Sven decides to produce his first official Mix-CD ever: "Sven Väth In The Mix – The Sound Of The First Season" is released on Cocoon Recordings in November 2000.

In December 2000, Virgin Records releases a compilation of ten tracks, forming a cross section of the musical output throughout Sven’s years at EYE Q, entitled "Retrospektive 1990 - 1997. Sven Väth is – in the true sense of the word – a global player. This shows in the fact that he tours all over the world, that he is official Cultural Ambassador of the German Goethe Institute, or in his performance at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover, where he spinned simultaneously with Ken Ishii in Tokyo and Kit Clayton in San Francisco.


The big year to set new milestones – Sven cannot be stopped. The next step is the release of all the six maxivinyls as a regular album "Six In The Mix". In this year, Sven also does another world tour, the "Six In The Mix" Tour. Cocoon sprouts further into Cocoon Clubbing, a mobile event agency touring in Germany's most important techno clubs such as Stammheim / Kassel, Tribehouse / Neuss and Prag / Stuttgart.

However, this is not enough: the Cocoon Club at the famous Amnesia in Ibiza proves to be a major success and a positive experience for many with four events in the test phase. From this year on, the Cocoon Club becomes a permanent element of Amnesia's season (every Monday from June till September).

Since early 1999, Sven and Cocoon have been working closely on the new Cocoon web pages together with Frankfurt based designer Ole Schulte and Surface design agency, available for all surfers from April 2000 under Here, all information regarding Cocoon Events, Cocoon Booking, Sven Väth, Cocoon Merchandising and other projects such as Cocoon Club Ibiza and Cocoon Recordings can be found. For his new album "Contact" (released on March 27th, 2000) and parallel to Cocoon's flourishing development, Sven Väth co-produces twelve tracks with producers Anthony Rother, Johannes Heil and Alter Ego. This new album proves to be a piece of art with extraordinary flair and musical diversity.

Contact is a Frankfurt project – not only regarding the music it embodies. The responsible man behind the styling concept is Daniel Wöller, the photographer is Marc Trautmann, the graphics artist is Markus Weisbeck from Surface, and even the entire team involved in the video production came from Frankfurt.


In March 1998, Sven Väth's new record company Virgin Records releases his fourth album Fusion, a potpourri of techno, house, triphop, electro and big beat elements. The album lives up to its name: on Fusion, the typical Väth sound is updated, modernised and obviously stratified. Sven Väth starts his Fusion World Tour, playing not only all over Europe but also in Asia, America and Canada.

He makes contact with various remix artists worldwide in March. He enthuses names such as Claude Young, Richard Bartz, Johannes Heil, Sensorama (aka Roman Flügel & Jörn Wuttke), Michael Mayer, Thomas Krome, Chris Liebing, Steve O’Sullivan and Buckfunk 3000 (aka Simon Begg) with his idea to remix the best tracks of the Fusion album with completely different individual styles. The results are released in mid 1998 on limited vinyl – six records, which are already much asked collector’s items. The six cover sleeves of the 12-inch singles reveal an overdimensional headphone when fitted together.

In 1998, Sven comes to a point where he bids farewell to a major element in his life: the legendary Omen shuts down its doors forever to the public on October 18th, 1998. Typically Sven Väth: "an ending is simultaneously a new beginning, one should never stand still". For the sake of keeping a platform for electronic music in Frankfurt alive, he initiates the Cocoon Club concept. Cocoon had already started its first events in 1996, but was stopped again, due to organisational reasons. He chooses the U 60311 club as location, where every second Friday of the month the Cocoon Club now takes place. Cocoon stands for metamorphosis, development, new birth, surprises - but as well for the spirit of a family, a community.


Sven's Pinnacle Power takes a whole new direction as he leaves the Eye Q / Harthouse company to begin a fresh start, new and exciting, that will take him well into the next century. He also forms a booking agency to feature and support the many talented acts he is interested in.


Sven produces the soundtrack for the Ralf Huettner movie "Der Kalte Finger" ("The cold finger") together with B-ZET. In April, he is initiating his event project series Cocoon. Of course, its first station is Sven's home base Frankfurt, second is Munich and the last one is at the Copenhagen Art Festival. Sven's first official North American tour is a major success, and he is playing the best clubs and parties in nine cities from coast to coast.


Release of the Remix Album "Touch Themes of Harlequin, Robot & Ballet Dancer", including remixes of B-ZET, Underworld and Speedy J, whose remix of "Ballet Fusion" is also released as a single. Sven is without exaggeration Europe’s No. 1 DJ ("Sven is Holy Man and Big Chief of European Techno" New musical Express) and simultaneously successful all over the world: from Japan over Mexico to the US, where he is elected to be the first DJ at the famous "Lollapalooza Festival".

Together with B-ZET (Steffen Britzke), Sven starts the new project Astral Pilot and with "Electronic Acupuncture" he again releases a milestone setting album apart from the mass compatibility of many other releases.


Sven Väth is by far the most successful DJ in the world. (The press calls him "the only German pop star"). Start of production for the new album, "The Robot, The Harlequin And The Ballet Dancer", with Ralf Hildenbeutel ("my spiritual amplifier").


Release of several single tracks from the album and their remixes: "Ritual Of Life", "L'Esperanza" (charted) and "An Accident In Paradise". At the same time, besides many productions for Eye Q / Harthouse establishes itself on a worldwide basis and signs a deal with Warner Music.


Sven ("The Godfather of Techno") deejays in leading clubs around the world. He establishes the DJ label Harthouse and released the Album "The Art of Dance" under the pseudonym Barbarella. In the middle of the year he meets Ralf Hildenbeutel and begins production of his first album in his own name: "Accident In Paradise"; released in September. Formation of an additional label, recycle or die. The goal of all three labels: the establishment of new electronic music on the basis of German avantgarde music far beyond any commercial structures.


Together with publisher / manager Heinz Roth and producer Matthias Hoffmann, Sven founds the Eye Q label. First hit is Zyon's "No Fate". Sven shifts his set to "hypnotic, monotone house music", later to be called trancehouse, and through his work supports many productions in the Frankfurt area: the "Sound of Frankfurt" takes on a new dimension. His commitment to the technohouse scene also influences the repertoire at Eye Q, for which he produces many remixes.


Mosaic's followup single "Dance Now" becomes very successful and enters the charts. Sven's turntable style becomes harder, the nights longer. This summer techno breaks out in Germany. Sven is again one of the first to accept, adapt and play this music. The Omen club becomes an international meeting place for club culture; Sven is its protagonist. By the end of the year, hard beats and energetic vibes dominate at the Omen.


Acid loses popularity. House style vocals still have a chance on the dancefloor. Release of the second OFF album, "Ask Yourself", produced by Matthias Hoffmann (now Eye Q). Single "Move Your Body". The B-side, "Das Licht", is the first tranquil club hit. Sven splits with his former producers Münzing / Anzilotti and continues working on his project Mosaic with producers Matthias Hoffmann and Steffen Britzke.

Result: "It Is Serious" (later to be covered by Enigma "Sadeness"), the first track with a choir. Mosaic remixes such classics as "Déja Vu" by Spliff and "Oxygène" by Jean Michel Jarre and creates the basis for further assignments.


In February 1988, Sven leaves the Dorian Gray to go to Paris and do dance performances. After his return in summer, he buys the venerable Vogue together with Michael Münzing and Matthias Martinsohn. Following the complete renovation and the grand opening at the beginning of October, the club is called "Omen" and writes a new chapter of club history. Sven brings Acid sound to Germany. He produces the single "La Casa Latina".


At the beginning of the year, Sven switches back to the Dorian Gray (which has grown since his early days) and becomes co-patron of Belgian techno / underground music (later to be called Electronic Body Music / EBM). Its motto: pogo instead of disco fox. "Electrica Salsa" turns out to be an international success and several tours throughout Europe and South America follow.

In the middle of the year, the followup single "Step By Step" is released, then "Harry Aber Jetzt" and "Timeoperator", and, in November, the album "Organisation For Fun". Without the German press noticing, the underground club hit "Be My Dream" is declared "Gothic Techno" in the USA and England.


Still being DJ in the Vogue club, Sven starts making a name as a party master for himself on an international level. He works in Ibiza and after his return to Frankfurt, he produces his debut project, OFF and the Stan Ridgeway inspired single "Bad News" (for Bellaphon), with Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti (later to form Snap / Logic Records).

This makes Sven the first club DJ in Germany to produce and market himself. It also lays the foundation for the "Sound of Frankfurt". In the same year, he and Münzing / Anzilotti produce the second single "Electrica Salsa".


"Jackin’ the house", Chicago's club scene continues to develop and the terms House nation and House vibes find their way to Europe. The clubs are the safety valve of the US gay scene. Here, the steam is let off that shortly later is to get the Vogue club cooking. The word "party" becomes a permanent fixum in Väth's vocabulary.


Sven is now permanent DJ at the Vogue on weekends. His army of fans is growing rapidly from week to week. Typical mainstream disco music can only be heard early in the evening. American club underground repertoire makes its way into his bag.


The "other" club on the scene at this time, the Vogue. Sven plays diverse styles, beginning to move further and further away from the mainstream. Champagne splashing through the air and reckless excesses unusual in the pre-Techno period were an omen for the location's next chapter in history.


The Dorian Gray club - from regular patron to discjockey. Here, Sven's career begins with Soul oldies and High Energy during the "New Romantics" period. Freaky costumes and selfacknowledged narcissism are Sven's main characteristics in the midst of the new "lifestyle" aesthetics of the Eighties.


Adolescence transforms "little Sven" into an entertainer, whose experiences, adventures and impressions dominate the next years.

OCTOBER 26, 1964

Sven is born in Obertshausen near Frankfurt.
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