Pendulum (El Hornet) - Primordial, Los Angeles (released 31-Jan-2013) - 24-Jul-2003

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El Hornet released this one today, I don't think it has been upped before but I don't know for sure.
In any case, it wasn't anywhere to be found, and now it is. Enjoy!

More info: Pendulum website, El Hornet website

Recorded this in an industrial estate in Los Angeles on my first tour of America. Chris 'Nightwalker' Muniz who was working for Knowledge Magazine took me way out into the middle of nowhere to this warehouse to record this. Vinyl only back then, this was what I was playing on that first tour.
Little oldschool section in the middle, which is a couple tunes I picked up from 'Play De Record' in Toronto that week.


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Comments. From Tribalmixes Community..

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moocowdanstar Moderator wrote on February 1st, 2013
thank you, uploader!
moocowdanstar Moderator wrote on February 2nd, 2013
Ah now this is the true Pendulum sound and where is came from. Raw, fast and wild!

LadyDana user wrote on February 2nd, 2013