Sasha, John Digweed, Jimmy Van M - Delta Heavy Tour [Video] - 2002

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Sasha & Digweeds world famous Delta Heavy  tour  of the USA (34 days) with multiple locations. It follows Sasha & Digweed with a very young Jimmy Van M warming up for them at each of the events they played.

The video is about 60minutes long and its nice to see how it came to be a world reknown tour..

enjoy munkyn :thumbsup:
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Comments. From Tribalmixes Community..

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leon_cookevip Carpe Diem wrote on June 23rd, 2012
this is what i needed!!! great job on upload!
munkynstar Moderator wrote on June 23rd, 2012
leon_cooke wrote:
this is what i needed!!! great job on upload!

aye indeed mate, not watched it all yet, but a good watch!!! :thumbsup:
BaKistar user wrote on January 14th, 2013
its mostly talking not much music,