Various - Essential Mix [Remastered Yearpack] - 1994

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remastered by monkeyboram on, kudos and a  big big thanks go to him for all the hard work that he put into creating this awesome pack along with all the guys who contributed the sources on TMB!!!

Personally to listen to the Essential Mix jingle and Tongless  free is something to behold and a lovely piece of classic Essential Mix to enjoy, I certainly do... :thumbsup:

Here's his write up....

The Essential Mix - 1994 Year Pack (Version 2) [18-09-2010]  

This is TMB's new and improved "Version 2" of the "1994 Essential Mix Year Pack"! The most complete and best quality 1994 year pack out there!*  

To celebrate my 100th ESSENTIAL MIX UPLOAD I proudly welcome you to the new and greatly improved 1994-year pack. As you know the old pack is a total car crash with many files missing, incomplete, poor quality or have bits repeated. My search for better quality, complete files have led me to spend the past year making this new pack. I hope you enjoy it!

Notes & Technical Info:
My 1st batch of 16 1994 New Conversions have been reconverted from the original Abelton Live Recording WAV file and are different than the individual downloads. These have been re-edited with better use of fading around the removed news bulletins and their intros & outros, for a smoother sounding mix. I have encoded these files and Pluggs FLACs using the lame V0 q0 -lowpass16 setting, like the last 16 Ive just uploaded. The bitrates of the other files range from 160kbps 256kbps.

All of the other files have been played in their entirety to check everything is there and run through a MP3 Scan & Repair program. Using a MP3 splitter, some files have been trimmed of their news bulletins or parts have been removed that arent Essential Mix (like overruns). So many were in worse state than I originally realized. For example, I thought the Sasha EM was fine, but playing a bit slow (2:00:32), but it actually had 6 minutes in the middle repeated!? Some have been removed of their news bulletins as well.

Some of the Essential Mixes in this new 1994-Year Pack have come from the original Pack and used to exist as an individual download, which are now long dead. If the old pack is deleted then only some of those individual files will only be available here. I will be posting an update in the What we have to offer page - in the Essential Mix forum - so you can see where you can get all the individual files from.

All files are complete (minus the tape change over, except the restorations - they are fully complete), generally play at the right speed and range from OK to excellent quality, except:

1994-04-02 - EM 024 - Pete Tong (MIssing the intro and has a lot of Pete Tong's voiceovers taken out!!)
1994-07-16 - EM 039 - Jon Pleased Wimmin (Poor quality, missing outro 20 Seconds and plays slow @ 2:00:55)
1994-10-02 - EM 049 - Danny Rampling (Missing intro 15 seconds)
1994-10-23 - EM 052 - Pete Tong (Missing intro 1 minute)
1994-11-27 - EM 057 - DJ Harvey & CJ Mackintosh (3hrs) (The DJ Harvey part is poor quality)

Not bad when you consider the state it was in!  

Key to new files:
* These trimmed / no news bulletin versions only exist in this torrent.
** These are now complete mixes and only exist in this torrent.
*** This file was taken from a new individual torrent and had 8 minutes of Mark Tonderai at the end removed and only exists in this torrent. Unfortunately it has a lot of Pete Tong's voiceovers taken out. Thanks ENNISELLIS for pointing it out.

The incomplete (dodgy quality) 1994-03-12 - Media Records Special and 1994-06-11 - Dave Clarke Essential Mixes have been made complete with some clever editing and are better quality (from partial new rips). They will only be found in this year pack. Thanks to Lee Ruffles and Scott Brady for their work in ripping and constructing these files.

Many thanks also go to the original rippers/uploaders of all the decent quality MP3s that have made it into this new pack. Scott Brady gets a massive shout for digging out his tapes and ripping them for me helping me make a few complete and of course to Plugg for his amazing restorations. Lee Ruffles deserves another special mention for finding the Brothers in Rhythm New Years Day mix!  Thanks also has to go to Ojay and clmfsh for their much valued technical support in helping me through some tricky moments. Respect to you all!

The Essential Mix - The Complete Year (1994)

1994-01-01 - EM 010 - Brothers In Rhythm (Dave Seaman & Steve Anderson) [New Year Mix]
1994-01-01 - EM 011 - Snap!
1994-01-08 - EM 012 - Andy Carrol & Paul Bleasdale [New Conversion]
1994-01-15 - EM 013 - Sasha*

1994-01-22 - EM 014 - Junior Vasquez [New Conversion]
1994-01-29 - EM 015 - Graeme Park [New Conversion]
1994-02-05 - EM 016 - Justin Robertson [Restoration]
1994-02-12 - EM 017 - Pete Tong [New Conversion]

1994-02-19 - EM 018 - CJ Mackintosh [New Conversion]
1994-02-26 - EM 019 - Ralph Lawson & Lisa Loud (Back To Basics Special) [New Conversion]
1994-03-05 - EM 020 - John Digweed [New Conversion]
1994-03-12 - EM 021 - Media Records Special [Italian Job] (DJ Professor, RAF, Pierre & Clock)**

1994-03-19 - EM 022 - Paul Oakenfold
1994-03-26 - EM 023 - Brothers in Rythym (Dave Seaman & Steve Anderson)
1994-04-02 - EM 024 - Pete Tong***
1994-04-09 - EM 025 - Alistair Whitehead [New Conversion]

1994-04-16 - EM 026 - X-Press 2 (Rocky, Diesel & Ashley Beedle) [New Conversion]
1994-04-23 - EM 027 - Sure Is Pure (Kelvin Andrews) [New Conversion]
1994-04-30 - EM 028 - Slam (Stuart McMillan & Orde Meikle)
1994-05-07 - EM 029 - Al McKenzie [New Conversion]

1994-05-14 - EM 030 - The Future Sound of London [Restoration]
1994-05-21 - EM 031 - Spirit (Judge Jules & Dave Lambert) [New Conversion]
1994-05-28 - EM 032 - Billy Nasty [New Conversion]
1994-06-04 - EM 033 - Jeremy Healy [New Conversion]

1994-06-11 - EM 034 - Dave Clarke**
1994-06-18 - EM 035 - Danny D [New Conversion]
1994-06-25 - EM 036 - Laurent Garnier [New Conversion]
1994-07-02 - EM 037 - Junior Boys Own (Terry Farley & Pete Heller) [New Conversion]

1994-07-09 - EM 038 - Darren Emerson*
1994-07-16 - EM 039 - Jon Of The Pleased Wimmin
1994-07-23 - EM 040 - Moby [Restoration]
1994-07-30 - EM 041 - Patrick Smoove [New Conversion]**

1994-08-06 - EM 042 - Leftfield [Restoration]
1994-08-20 - EM 043 - Trannies with Attitude [New Conversion]
1994-08-27 - EM 044 - Norman Jay (Carnival Special) [New Conversion]

1994-09-04 - EM 045 - Laurent Garnier [New Conversion]
1994-09-11 - EM 046 - DJ Dimitri [New Conversion]
1994-09-18 - EM 047 - Tino Lugano, Simon Gibb, Colin Patterson & Hooligan X (Live @ The Arena) [New Conversion]
1994-09-25 - EM 048 - Judge Jules (Ibizan Special) [New Conversion]

1994-10-02 - EM 049 - Danny Rampling*
1994-10-09 - EM 050 - Carl Cox [New Conversion]
1994-10-16 - EM 051 - Danny Tenaglia [New Conversion]
1994-10-23 - EM 052 - Pete Tong [New Conversion]

1994-10-30 - EM 053 - Chris & James [New Conversion]
1994-11-06 - EM 054 - CJ Bolland [New Conversion]
1994-11-13 - EM 055 - Dave Clarke [New Conversion]
1994-11-20 - EM 056 - Dave Angel

1994-11-27 - EM 057 - DJ Harvey (Studio Mix) & CJ Mackintosh (Live @ The Ministry of Sound) [3hrs] [New Conversion]
1994-12-04 - EM 058 - David Morales (Def Mix Special) [New Conversion]
1994-12-11 - EM 059 - Massive Attack [Restoration]
1994-12-18 - EM 060 - Paul Oakenfold (The Goa Mix) [Restoration]

The tracklists are contained in each file

* Until someone takes it to another site......Respect the uploader!

enjoy munkyn  :thumbsup:
Find more music from Andy C, AndrewS, Dave Angel, Def Mix, Essential Mix, Pete Heller, Dave Lambert, Moby, Ralph Lawson, DJ PIERRE, Graeme Park, Leftfield, Pierre, Darren Emerson, Ministry of Sound, Ibiza, Dave Seaman, Carl Cox, Judge Jules, Danny Tenaglia, Sasha, Paul Oakenfold, Dave Clarke, Pete Tong, Danny Rampling, Paul Bleasdale, Laurent Garnier, Junior Vasquez, David Morales, John Digweed.

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bidonavip user wrote on May 26th, 2012
nice work fella :thumbsup:

1994 should it be tho ;-)
munkynstar Moderator wrote on May 26th, 2012
bidona wrote:
nice work fella :thumbsup:

1994 should it be tho ;-)

Yeah mate, cheers.. I just saw that when I refreshed the page, all changed!!!  :thumbsup:
slash ProDanceCulture wrote on May 26th, 2012
yeah good job!! thanks to all who's got their hands in this one!!
moocowdanstar Moderator wrote on May 26th, 2012
:thankyou:  :thankyou:
munkynstar Moderator wrote on May 27th, 2012
Guys just to let everyone know, my internet connection has gone from a 40MB Download 4Mb upload to  a worse than dial up speed having checked it these past few days and has drastically detoriated today, so please bare with my shite upload speed on this torrent as its beyond pathetic, I will contact my ISP tomorrow and berate them big time to sort it out, cheers for patience and understanding munky  :-)
munkynstar Moderator wrote on May 27th, 2012
Phew... normal service has been resumed.. only took 2h20 on the phone this morning to Virgin!!!  :o)

bidonavip user wrote on May 27th, 2012
utorrent reports 2 years + 49 weeks left :o)
munkynstar Moderator wrote on May 27th, 2012
dunno mate, my speed is back to normal... as you can see.. however they said they would repair the fault within 48-72 hours, but I am assuming that its all good.. keep me posted mate.. you may have to endure the time. I can look at alternate options should it not get resolved by mind week!!!
munkynstar Moderator wrote on May 27th, 2012
bidona wrote:
utorrent reports 2 years + 49 weeks left :o)

Mate, done some fault diagnosis... stopped and started the torrent and that seems have sorted it...will crank my threshold speed to 300kbps, should be going down now!!!   :thumbsup:
bidonavip user wrote on May 27th, 2012
much better now :-D  :thumbsup:
munkynstar Moderator wrote on May 27th, 2012
no worries mate,  hopefully the problems will get sorted as my download has dropped down again to about 17, but my uplaod is still strong at 4Mbs so all good for now until its sorted!!! :thumbsup:
Pumprdlik tribalmixr wrote on July 19th, 2014
I am currently in 15 % download of this pack but can notwait until it would be complete!
nidur user wrote on September 10th, 2015
thank you!
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