Sasha - Live @ Stardust, Thessaloniki or Mykonos, Greece - 14-Jun-2003

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Live @ Stardust, Mykonos, Greece 6-14-03  
(Thanks to Superwave & Mercuryserver for tracklist info)

This classic progressive recorded set was originally 100 min long so this 75 min mp3 starts off 2:30 before #06 with Golan Globus.

Genre: Progressive
Length: 1:14:56
Quality: 192kbps

01. Coco Da Silva - The Shiva Chant (Ambient Mix)
02. Matthew Dekay - Space Mountain Tablet
03. ID synth male vocal "N, GER, G"
04. ID female echoed wail
05. Shmuel Flash - The Other Side Of Me
06. Golan Globus - Blazer
07. Panoptic - Surface (Original Mix)
08. RND - Ripples (Jondi & Spesh Mix)
09. Matthew Dekay - Beautiful Monday
10. Cesar Del Rio - Maurita (Original Plaza Crew Remix)
11. Alcatraz - Give Me Luv (That Kid Chris Remix)
12. Perfect Sense - Bumba
13. Joshua Collins - Project 3 (Chris Lake Remix)
14. ID vocal "deeper"
15. ID
16. ID female "ahh"

From the golden age of progressive, enjoy Sasha!
:-D  :-D
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