Fabio, Grooverider, Guests - The Fabio & Grooverider D&B Show - BBC Radio One (Year Pack - All Shows) - January 2012

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Fabio and Grooverider D&B  (BBC Radio1)
Sets are DVB-S 192k - QRIP - (HIGH) Q(UALITY) (RADIO) RIP

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Fabio and Grooverider_2011_01_10 - Fabio & Bailey
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_01_17 - Fabio & Grooverider
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_01_24 - Fabio & Grooverider
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_01_31 - Grooverider

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_02_07 - Old School Special
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_02_14 - Grooverider
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_02_21 - Fabio & Marky
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_02_28 - Grooverider

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_03_07 - Fabio & Nu:Tone
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_03_14 - Grooverider & Goldie
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_03_21 - Fabio &  Loadstar
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_03_28 - Grooverider & Dj Phantasy

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_04_04 - Fabio & Grooverider
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_04_11 - Grooverider &  Mickey Finn
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_04_18 - Fabio & Marcus Intalex
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_04_25 - Grooverider

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_05_02 - Fabio & Grooverider, Icicle
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_05_09 - Chase & Status Special
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_05_16 - Fabio & DC Breaks
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_05_23 - Grooverider & Dj Hype
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_05_30 - Fabio & Brookes Brothers

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_06_06 - Grooverider & Fatman D,Evil B,Foxy (MC Session)
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_06_13 - Fabio & London Electricity
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_06_20 - Grooverider & Cybin and Trex
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_06_27 - Fabio & Matrix and Futurebound

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_07_04 - Grooverider
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_07_11 - Fabio
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_07_18 - Grooverider & Goldie
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_07_25 - Back to the Old School

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_08_01 - Grooverider & Friction
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_08_08 - Fabio & AI
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_08_15 - Grooverider
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_08_22 - Fabio & Sensai
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_08_29 - Grooverider & The Prototypes

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_09_05 - Fabio
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_09_12 - Grooverider &  Camo & Krooked
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_09_19 - Fabio
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_09_26 - Grooverider & TC

Fabio abd Grooverider_2011_10_03 - Fabio & Dj Die & Critical Impact
Fabio abd Grooverider_2011_10_10 - Grooverider & Taxman
Fabio abd Grooverider_2011_10_17 - Fabio
Fabio abd Grooverider_2011_10_24 - Grooverider & Sigma
Fabio abd Grooverider_2011_10_31 - Fabio & Furney

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_11_07 - Grooverider & Majistrate & Logan D
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_11_14 - Fabio & Kenny Ken (Old School Special)
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_11_21 - Grooverider & Twisted Individual & Tyke
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_11_28 - Fabio & Dub Phizix

Fabio and Grooverider_2011_12_05 - Grooverider & Dub Foundation and Tantrum Desire
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_12_12 - Fabio & Lenzman
Fabio and Grooverider_2011_12_19 - Fabio & Grooverider (Christmas Special)
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RichTee ReSiDeNtAdViSoR wrote on May 2nd, 2012
Given that the BBC made the rather dubious decision to replace F & G with Friction..... I though it was worth putting up the 2011 Year Pack.

An excellent and consistent show - will be sadly missed.

This pack was available through QRIP and Mixdeluxe previously - but only as one big phat download via Filesonic. Here you can select as many or as few of the shows broadcast in 2011 as you wish.

Also, as Filesonic has now stopped offering downloads, there are not many places you will be able to find this collection now.
mohamedbashastar Little Death wrote on May 3rd, 2012
La petite mort
pnuttydutty user wrote on March 20th, 2013
can anyone please reseed this? I can't connect to the current seed =/
polonsky.elistrat user wrote on May 24th, 2015
Yep, please reseed this epic megapack.