Usualsuspectbro b2b Tribz - Innovative Times Episode 1 - 21-Feb-2012

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Usualsuspectbro and Tribz behind the decks in one beautiful b2b session with some of the highiest innovative tracks...

01.Key Mode - Berlin In Ghana (Original Mix)
02.Martin Landsky - The Composer (Dub Mix)
03.Depeche Mode - In Chains (Remix)
04.Sasha - Xpander (Remix)
05.Demian Nova - Phenomenon (Original Mix)
06.N To - Shapeshifter (Original Mix)
07.Romano Alfieri, Luca Bear - Leave the Valley (Original Mix)
08.Gregor Tresher_and Karotte - Wave Goodbye (Original Mix)
09.Simone Virgilii - Sphinx (Remix)
10.Moby - Lie Down In Darkness (Remix)

have fun :wink:
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sprstarvip technician! wrote on February 21st, 2012
a brand new beautiful sound  :djing: