Usualsuspectbro - dirtYSound Promo - 04-Jan-2012

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01.Emanuele Sorgato - Feel (Remix)
02.Citizen Kain and Phuture Traxx - Tan Guapa (Original Mix)
03.Usualsuspectbro - Tone Form (Fortcoming Release 4 Going Nuts Rec)
04.Khainz & Clari Ann - Looking For Some Action (Original Mix)
05.Frank Sonic, Mike Maass - Vigor (Original Mix)
06.Kilohertz  - Thia Thok (Original Mix)
07.Tekhoover - They Killed Kenny (Original Mix)
08.Homer Knv - Hammer (Original Remix)
09.Dubfire - Rabid (Usualsuspectbro UNRELEASED)
10.Bryan Zentz - D-Clash (Remix)
11.Lumik - I Feel The Sound (Remix)
12.DJ Lion & Luigi Rocca - Krakra Hurricane (Original Mix)
13.Tim Kelly - Polka Tribe (Remix)
14.Usualsuspectbro - Split The Darkness (Dirty Dark Mix)
15.Cristian Glitch - One (Remix)
16.Citizen Kain & Worakls - Stripped (Original Mix)
17.Pilbus and Dataminions  - Ants In Disco (Remix)
18.PE & BAN, DJ Mandraks – Tribute To The Master (Original Mix)
19.Vid Marjanovic, Simon Roge - Let Us Explain (Original Mix)
20.Maverickz - Hurricane (Remix)

have fun :wink:

dirtYSound Records Sweden/BG
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slash ProDanceCulture wrote on January 4th, 2012
excellent upload, thank you very much!
sprstarvip technician! wrote on January 4th, 2012
:thankyou:  :kissing2:

jmartin2380starlightning Darkness wrote on February 25th, 2012
Another great set as usual!!!  Love the Darkness!
donchev user wrote on May 2nd, 2020
mnoo qko bassi qkite setove