Usualsuspectbro - The Set Be4 i move to Glasgow - 15-Mar-2011

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Well as some of you knows i am in Glasgow now, and from here i want to share something which means something 4 me... to move in UK doesn't mean i stop djing or split dirtYSound records... but will take some time to step on my feet... till then enjoy one of my special last sessions recorded in Bulgaria and warm up 4 my blast masterpiece promo coming shortly in the next weeks...

regards from Scotland :wink:


Intro - Brave Heart Theme
01.Umek, Ramirez - Hablando (usualsuspectbro vocal edit)
02.Rino Cerrone - Rilis 05 A1 (Re-Edit)
03.Umek - OMGWTF (Re-Edit)
04.Funkerman ft. RHCP - Otherside 2010 (Original Mix)
05.Bastian Van Shield - Billie Was Here (Remix)
06.Ben Lb and Spartaque - Gone (Original Mix)
07.Copyzor - Thai Massage (Remix)
08.Jo Psarados - TrIIris (Original Mix)
09.Kiko - Ice Banana (Original Mix)
10.Tocadisco feat. Lennart A. Salomon - Alright (Remix)
11.Wehbba - Mammut (Original Mix)
12.Greg Kutnar - Criminamorphe (Original Mix)
13.Sebastien Leger - Mixtape (Remix)
14.Gabriel Dor & Bordoy - Audium (Original Mix)
15.Pierre Deutschmann - When It Rains It Pours (Remix)
16.Umek - Chase The Moroder (Original Club Mix)
17.Phunk Investigation vs Boy George - Generations Of Love 2011 (Re-Edit)
18.Diskoteque - Illusions ( Original Mix)
19.Dualitik, AnGy KoRe, Anthony Castaldo - Kulbuonvento (Remix)
20.Hertz, Subway Baby -  Shockz (Original Mix)
21.Umek & Tomy DeClerque - Original Challenge (Original Mix)
22.Pe & Ban - About Time (Original Mix)
23.Dataminions - Konglomerat (Original Mix)
24.Lutzenkirchen - Don't Fear To Rock (Remix)
25.Joe Fisher - Tombola (Remix)
26.Delano - Amarula (Remix)
27.Pe & Ban - Workaholic (Original Mix)
28.Umek, Christian Cambas - On The Edge (Original Mix)
29.Uberto - Flow (Original Mix)
30.Kiko - Vicious Story (Original Mix)
31.Doped Again - Kahancuran - (Remix)

be cool :)
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