Usualsuspectbro - UNRELEASED dirtYSound - 2011

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1.Intro - Lord of the Dance - Cry Of The Celts
2.Fergie ft Madonna - Exit People Dies another day(usualsuspectbro private vocal edit)
3.Dubfire ft. Avalon Frost - 8 Letters Rabid (usualsuspectbro private edit)
4.Butch - Gag Ball Roll (usualsuspectbro whisper mix)
5.Toy -Tanja (usualsuspectbro revision)
6.Menini, Viani  ft. Christian Key - La La Land (usualsuspectbro & deepimpulser vocal edit)
7.Paul Thomas,Sonny Wharton,Ant Brooks ft. Upsurt - Konduktora Mrun-Mrun (usualsuspectbro edit)
8.Sam Paganini & Johnny Kaos – Shibuya’s Cosplayer (dirtYSound Mix)
9.Riva Starr Ft. Vlada Tomova - Bulgarian Chicks (usualsuspectbro rework)
10.Reboot - Caminando (usualsuspectbro revision)

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IB1starvip Moving Biology wrote on January 28th, 2011
There are some cracking tracks on this mix  :thumbsup:
Music is physics brought to life with biology.
blaint user wrote on February 13th, 2011
good one..... :evil: