Usualsuspectbro VS Tribz VS dirtYtribe - Live @ Spartaque AfterParty LaPlaya Beach club Varna,Bulgary - 12-Dec-2010

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usualsuspectbro trax:

01.Umek - Gatex 2010 (Original Mix)
02.Worda - Sick Minimal (Original Mix)
03.Alex Young & Scella - 2012 (Remix)
04.Da Fresh - Once Again (Original Mix)
05.Alexander Madness ft. 666 - Dirty Mood Diablo (usualsuspectbro edit UNRELEASED)
06.D. Carbone - Motherfucking (Original Mix)
07.Fabio Florido - Concave (Original Mix)
08.Tony Mafia - Golden Kush (Remix)
09.Papillon & Wardox - Hola Ke Pasa (Remix)
10.Mini Mode - Bloodsuckerz (UNRELEASED)
11.Lampenfieber - Lampenfieber lampenfieber kranklacher (UNRELEASED)
12.Duca - Samba Balkan (Original Mix)
13.Saboteurs  - The Mask (Remix)
14.Dataminions - Pounce (Original Mix)
15.D-Unity - Purple Pills (Remix)
16.Gaga - Remember - (Original Mix)
17.Yuri Alexeev - Water Dosator (Original Mix)
18.Min&Mal Feat. Mauro Frisari - Silvia (Original Mix)
19.Peppe Fimiani - Ignatia (Remix)
20.Thorsten Hammer & Marc Liquid - Tales of India (Remix)
21.Dyno ft Fatboy Slim - Zero punto uno star 69 (usualsuspectbro edit UNRELEASED)
22.Antoni Bios, Johnny Teck - Shake It And Break It (Original Mix)
23.Spartaque - I Am Techno (Remix)
24.Steve Mulder vs Nick Fiorucci - 3rd cut (Original Mix)
25.Andre Walter - Wormwood (Original Mix)
26.Beatmode and Carl Anians - Mayday (Remix)
27.Spartaque - Raise Me (Original Mix)
28.Duca - Bum tras (Original Mix)
29.Aquabeat - Lolita (Remix)
30.Cass Collective - Detroit Thunder (Original Mix)
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varelalightning Power User wrote on January 15th, 2011
nice. the country spells Bulgaria, please edit it, Bulgary sounds disgusting