Usualsuspectbro b2b dirtYtribe - Live @ dirtYtribe's Birthday Party - 20-Dec-2010

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& finaly we're back again as dirtY Brothers... with our dirtYSound!!...


Dusty Kid - Kore  (Lu4o UNRELEASED) /dirtYSound/
Gencha - Tropicana (remix)
Dyno - Deep Cloud
Citizen Kain, Phuture Traxx - Generic (Original Mix)
Marco Boccabella amp Luca Bernardi - Orbiting the moon
Ketto - Harder
Svetlio - Made In Bulgaria (UNRELEASED) - Amazing BG track with folk motives!
Peja - Brainwasher
Cristian Arango - Control (UNRELEASED)
Saboteurs - The Mask (remix)
Lutzenkirchen and Felix Baumgartner  - The Vibe  (remix)
D-Becker - Hasten
Remo Federici - Solitek
Martin Domenack - Ilo (remix)
Ladytron - Tomorrow (UNRELEASED)
The Droyds - All I Ever Wanted (remix)

thanx 4 listening :wink:
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Comments. From Tribalmixes Community..

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Phelightning Addicted wrote on December 30th, 2010
Very cool Sound :thumbsup: thx