Michal Breeth (Slovakia) - TribalMixes 5th Anniversary Celebration (Exclusive Mix) - 06-May-2010

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There are quite many stories how people started their journy to the magic world of music. Dj Breeth tasted the first piece of electronic music in the half of 1990. The spirit of electronica immediately captured his attention and stimulated Breethīs hunger to explore and understand it more. Breeth kept his interest of musical variety till nowadays, but his passion get focused to one direction only.

Slovak electronical scene got its real shape at the end of the last millenium.
Dancing scene opened itīs door very carefully but later on provided opportunities to the many of artists. Michal Breeth grew into the quality and snatched his chance of a lifetime. The club residency of legendary night Doubledecker allowed him to show, what he likes the most. It was mainly techno with full of drive, hammered basses and thrilling graduations which made crowd crazy and sweaty. Breeth īs popularity among the clubebrs expanded by the wink of eye. Breeth took the challenge and left abroad to Australia, brushed up foreign language skills and enhanced his musical knowledge. After his comeback to Slovakia, Michal applied all of the international experiences not  only as a Dj, but as VIP guide of world known stars as well.

At this moment, Breeth obtained unique possibility to moderate 4 hours long dance show 4 Elements, broadcasted nationally on Radio_FM. Systematic work on this appealing project but also guests as Gabriel & Dresden, Luke Fair, Silicone Soul, Andy Moor, Jimmy Van M, Hippe-E, Funk D’ Void, Hernan Cattaneo, Dave Seaman etc. introduced him straight way to the progressive house mood. Later on, Michal seducted by charm of  this music, understood, this is the right way to go.

From the second half of 2006, Michal Breeth combines fusion of drive and energy with house melodies and succeed accomplishments at the most respected parties in Slovakia. Breeth enjoyed his chance  to stand on stages in Hungary, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria or Spain and kick it on spot. Most valuable memories brought mostly parties and performances with Paul van Dyk, Matthew Dekay, Anthony Pappa, Tarkan,  Benny Benassi, Umek, Eric Prydz and many more.

For Michal Breeth, year 2007 meant significant progress and movement forward in many fields of music and performance. His exclusive promo compilation Sound of Jagermeister met great success in Czech and Slovak territory. This compilation was released in more than  15 000 pieces and added as enclosure of XMAG magazine, which is the most influential and respected musical magazine in Czech and Slovak Republic and second release of this compilation has to be released soon. Michalīs production and collaboration with his studio partner Peet appeared at electronic compilation of Auto Tunning magazine, which was released in great number of more than 60 thousand pieces in Germany, Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia. During 2009 he remixed with Peet track Pedagog for Jozef Mihalik which appeared on Czech label Naked Rec. Later on their track Marginalie will be released on Canadian Hotbox Record and track 4U with remixes from Michal Poliak and Jozef Mihalik will be released on Modamusic records. They just finished remix for Slovak guy Drahosh which should be released during first half of 2010.


Duration: 1:00:50


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IB1starvip Moving Biology wrote on May 7th, 2010
Nice mixing .  :thumbsup:
Music is physics brought to life with biology.
sucker trucker wrote on May 8th, 2010
excellent set, thank you very much!!