Hisham Zahran - Year Mix - 04-Dec-2008

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    Quality ....: 192kbps  
    Tracks .....: 02                
    Genre ......: Porgressive/Tech/Deep House          
    Year .......: 2008              
    Rip Date ...: 12.03.2008                        

                              T R A C K S                          
          Hisham Zahran-Year Mix [2008]

     TOTAL  TIME  :  202:35 min                                    
     TOTAL  SIZE  :  288 MB                                      


01-Paul Kalkbrenner - Azure [Bpitch Control]
02-Vicenzo - The Shadow People [Dessous]
03-Sebastian Davidson - Cherry Blossom [Outside The Box]
04-Ben Watt - Guinea Pig (Vocal Variation Mix) [Buzz'n Fly]
05-Chymera - Shadowdancer [Moonboqique]
06-16 Bit Lolitas - The Heartbreak Files [Hope]
07-Dana Bergquist, Peder G - Djakarta [Discoteca]
08-Steve Mill - Abandoned Fields (Neil Quigley Pacemaker Remix) [BEBR]
09-Oliver Koletzki- Music From The Heart (Alex Dolby Mix) [Hell Yeah]
10-Stryke - No Turning back [Plastic City]
11-Human 8 - She is Gona (Moonbeam Remix) [Feral Code]
10-Steve Mill - In The Distance (Original Mix) [Dyami]
11-Sunshine Jones - If You Wouldn't Mind (Tiger Stripes Remix) [King Street Sounds]
12-Robert Babicz - Dark Flower (Joris Voorn Magnolia Mix) [Audiomantique]
13-James Harcourt - Moob (Quiver Remix) [Baroque]
14-George Delkos - Deftoner [Dezign]
15-Christian Smith & John Selway - Updraft (Smith & Selway's Maximal Mix) [Renaissance]
16-Tim Davison - Necessary Evil [Dyami]
17-Sultan and Ned Shepard - One Day (Daniel Portman Dub) [Harem]
18-J.O.C. - Rotterdam [Spinnin]
19-Sam Ball - Aperture (Paul Keeley Remix) [BEBR]
20-Paul Keeley - A Sort of Home Coming (Micheal Cassette Remix) [Anjunadeep]
21-Komytea - Professional Killers [Anjunadeep]
22-Blunt - Golden Lake (Djinxx vision) [Dpress]
23-Kosmas Epsilon - Soho [Soho Music Movment]
24-Kosmas Epsilon  - beautiful [Sick Watona]
25-Silver City - Victoria Jam [Deep Feeze]
26-No Logo - Dark Star (Francois Dubois Remix) [Urbantorque]
27-Untitled [CDR]
28-Chymera - Parelo (Jody Wsiternoff Remix) [Brandnewvibe]
29-Nick Nikolov - Skypia [Bits'N Pieces]
30-Astrid Suryanto - Distant Bar (16 Bit Lolitas Mix) [GlobalUnderground]
31-Paul Keeley - Paper Jet [Anjunadeep]
32-Josh Lasden and Synoptic - Wavecatcher [El Futuro]

hey guys just finished my year mix for 2008 .been working all year on the tracklist ,i know the year isnt over yet but i just couldn't wait any longer :)..includes 34 of my fav tracks this year ranging from deep tech and progressive house ..ive worked really hard on this mix and would love to get some feedback from u fellas .mix is over 3 hrs

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fouad2 Marwan Fouad. wrote on December 12th, 2008
very nice work zahran keep it up bro :)
zahranlightning Moderator wrote on December 6th, 2008
thanx guys :)
bidonavip user wrote on December 5th, 2008
on it!

29-Nick Nikolov - Skypia [Bits'N Pieces] :thumbsup:
mojszi user wrote on December 5th, 2008
Awesome as always!  ;-)  ;-)

:bow:  :clap:  :mml:


robprunzitvip progaluver wrote on December 5th, 2008
nice work Zahran!!!  :-)
the sound will make you free; Martin Garcia 6Dec2006

progressive keeps progressing: me :music:

visit me:  http://www.myspace.com/robroyfamily
srecko234starvip TheLuckyOne wrote on December 4th, 2008
:beer2: :cool:
kernkraft electro freak wrote on December 4th, 2008
You nailed it hisham,this mix is siiiiiiiiiiiick,awesome mixing.:):) :thumbsup:  :thumbsup:
cant really describe it in words but at Komytea - Professional Killers i turn up the volume and loose it:):)till the neighbour calls the cops:):) :evil:
tnx for one of the best mixes this year..:)
martungens user wrote on December 4th, 2008
Thx!  :-)
sinabalightning (PLS, DONATE!!! wrote on December 4th, 2008
zlosilightning *PartyAnimal* wrote on December 3rd, 2008
I`m in too, thank you for good vibes ... :)
slash ProDanceCulture wrote on December 3rd, 2008
seems like this is going to be a hit. i noticed in my utorrent about 10-12 of Hisham's older mixes are being downloaded right now - i guess you've just acquired one more big fan.. =) don't stop. =)
zahranlightning Moderator wrote on December 3rd, 2008
thanx again guys ..just keep in mind its a 200 min set so the build up is very slow and steady :)
mohamedbashastar Little Death wrote on December 3rd, 2008
looks like a lot of pple like ur sets hisham  :-)  :-)
will download :beer2:
and tell u what i think :music:
La petite mort
Soma8lightning EDIT ME!!!! wrote on December 3rd, 2008
I'm looking forward to listen it. Thanks
Lover4ovip keekosdj wrote on December 3rd, 2008
hello hisham :wink: thanks for the mix mate. it will be a pleasure to listen to your fav. tracks mixed in one flowless beauty.

zahranlightning Moderator wrote on December 3rd, 2008
thanx guys and sorry for the shitty upload speed ...viktor will help me seed in a bit :)
buzzervip Prog UpLoaDeR wrote on December 3rd, 2008
:mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:  :mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:  :thumbsup:  :mml:
AZ !MiNiLiCiOuS! wrote on December 3rd, 2008
nice one ! hishy  :boxing:
gugucastarlightning Power User wrote on December 3rd, 2008
:thankyou:  Hisham ! I'll check this out !!!  :yes:
:yoji:  :yoji:  :yoji:
deleted user wrote on December 3rd, 2008
checking out  8-)