DJ KANAT - Turkish Blend 015 on Tribalmixes Radio - - 02-Aug-2008

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we're jamming here, dooodes... are you jamming? not? but i do hope you like jamming, as i do, too... cause bob marley loved jamming... very nice piece, very nice, and the main thing - this reggae song fits perfectly into the wonderful session, fits with style, fits with beat, everything fits. show starts little minimal, electrical and techy, goes on flawlessly from one track into another, excellent mixing, and a couple of unexpected moves. 3rd time listening to this set - loving it. i would say, electro-house in general this set is, very very good, almost proggy sometimes, excellent electro. excellent sound quality. little over 2 hours. enjoy!!
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sinabalightning (PLS, DONATE!!! wrote on August 6th, 2008
diego I LOVE HOUSE!! wrote on August 7th, 2008
THANK YOU  :love:
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deleted user wrote on September 13th, 2008
hey Thank you :wink: