Dave Seaman - Radio Therapy Broadcast - November 2021

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Artist: Dave Seaman
Show: Radio Therapy Broadcast
Genre: Progressive House

Duration: 1:00:09
Bit rate: 320 Kbps
Size: 137 MB
Date: 16-November-2021
Track list

1. Yeah But No ’Perished’ (Trikk) [Distant Echoes]
2. Band Electronica feat. Midge Ure ‘Das Beat’ (Âme) [BMG]
3. James Harcourt ‘Elfin’ [Selador]
4. Ed One ‘Filomena at 17’ [Bedrock]
5. David Keno ‘Forever’ (Jepe) [Jeahmon!]
6. Joyce Muniz ‘Mindcraft’ [Pets]
7. Oliver Koletzki ‘Copal’ (Super Flu) [Stil Vor Talent]
8. Solee ‘Exhilaration’ (Shall Ocin) [Future Romance]
9. Monolink ‘Under Dark’ (Innellea) [Embassy One]
10. Santiago Garcia ‘Paradiso’ [Innervisions]
11. Stephan Bodzin & Marc Romboy ‘Callisto’ (Ben Böhmer) [Systematic]
12. Chakra ‘I Am’ [Framewerk]
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