Dirk - Magna Sonis Episode 069 on TM Radio - 15-Sep-2021

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1. Rosenna Samson - Waves (Original Mix) [Canal Auditif]
2. ANix JAy - Dharma (Original Mix) [Another Life Music]
3. Tomin Tomovic, Sounom & Sagou - Drugstore (Original Mix) [Another Life Music]
4. Gus - Volante (Original Mix) [Another Life Music]
5. ThinkDeep - Vega (Original Mix) [Stellar Black]
6. Ewan Rill - Purple (Mendexx Remix) [SLC-6 Music]
7. K.Oshkin & Spanless - Noun (Original Mix) [Lincor]
8. Christopher Erre - Furtive (Original Mix) [Deepwibe Underground]
9. Moshic - Fascia (Original Mix) [Contrast Records]
10. Audrius Bass - Can You See Me (Original Mix) [LDN Trax]
11. Madd Rod - Frequent Flyer (Original Mix) [Tanzgemeinschaft]
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