John Digweed - Transitions 884 (Guest Argy) - 06-Aug-2021

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Artist: John Digweed
Show: Transitions 884 (Guest Argy)
Genre: Progressive House

Duration: 1:56:00
Bit rate: 320 Kbps
Size: 266 MB
Date: 6-August-2021
Track list:

John Digweed

01. Gabriels - Love And Hate In A Different Time (Kerri Chandler Remix) [SELF RELEASED]
02. Lex Ludlow - Sailors Lullaby [ATOMNATION]
03. Hannah Holland - Shutters (Nsw Clink Anthem Remix) [PRAH]
04. Elec Brown - Sombrero Cosmos [CONNAISSEUR]
05. Sascha Braemer ft. Dom Fricot - Who Died And Made You King [SYSTEMATIC]
06. Vibeat & Gabriel I - Honey Trap [CULPRIT]
07. Apnoea - Phnk [STRIPPED DOWN]
08. Hannes Bieger - Droids [BEDROCK]
09. The Pressure - Counting Down The Days (John Digweed & Nick Muir Dub Remix) [UNDISPUTED MUSIC]
10. The Pressure - Counting Down The Days (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix) [UNDISPUTED MUSIC]


01. Argy ft. AND.ID - High Priest (Whitesquare Remix) [RENAISSANCE]
02. Mozaik - Movement (Alican Remix) [EKLEKTISCH]
03. Groovemates - Right Here Right Now [PLASTIC FANTASTIC]
04. Argy - The Third Degree (Aera Remix) [RENAISSANCE]
05. Tunnelvisions - Tell Me When We're There [DIYNAMIC]
06. Argy - Karim de Groot (Magit Cacoon Remix) [RENAISSANCE]
07. Foreign Guest - Wem (Perel Remix) [ROH]
08. Quattrovalvole - Via Tokyo (Rebenok Acid Sushi Edit) [DISCO HALAL]
09. Because Of Art ft. Ruth Royall - Lost In the Sun (Simon Doty Remix) [STRESS]
10. Kislo - Mandala [FUTURE CLASSIC]
11. Argy - A Course In Miracle (Rodriguez Jr. Remix) [RENAISSANCE]
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