DJ Boris - Transmissions 385 with Boris - 11-May-2021

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01.Eskuche - Confession [Transmit Recordings]
02.Angel Heredia, DJ DEP - Elison [Transmit Recordings]
03.Agent Orange - An OZ James [Transmit Recordings]
04.Angel Heredia, DJ DEP - Jungle History [Transmit Recordings]
05.Technasia feat. Tony Raponi - Freak Attack [Rawthentic]
06.DJ Rush - Like This (Avison Remix) [Kne'Deep]
07.Anthony Acid feat. Method Man - Hit N' Throw (Boris Remix) [Transmit Recordings]
08.Chicago Loop - At The Fairground [Respekt Recordings]
09.Helonis Jones - I don’t know (Oscar L Remix)
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