James Zabiela - Peaking Breaks - January 2021

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James Zabiela - Phil K tribute on KissFM 01-21 [tracklist] 1. Tame Impala ‘Is It True’ (Four Tet Remix) / Trancesetters ‘Roaches - sample’ (Hooj Choons) 2. Brother Nebula ‘The Big If’ (The Physical World) 3. Smart ’n Pocket ‘Kickflip Manual’ (EQ Recordings) 4. BufoBufo ‘Ectotherm’ (Tone Dropout) 5. Pocket ‘Wormhole’ (Thunk) 6. Leftfield ‘Song For Life’ (Phantom Beats Mix) (White Label) 7. ‘Untitled’ 8. Voiron ‘Broken Voiron’ (Voiron) 9. Three Drives on Vinyl ‘Greece 2000’ (Farmatronic Genetic Mix) (Hooj Choons) 10. Hi-Fi Bugs ‘Lydian & The Dinosaur’ (Zero Tolerence) 11. Mani Festo ‘Continuum’ (E-Beamz) 12. Prince ‘Controversy’ (James Zabiela’s Peaking Acid Edit)
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