James Zabiela - The Duck Series Part 1 (Deep Fried Duck) - 01-Apr-2003

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Royksopp - "Remind Me" (Zabiela's Crowd Noise) (CDR)
Arta/Noa/Igor - "Mooger Fooger" (Planet Noise)
Moonface - "Thoughts Of Spirit" (CDR)
Dave Robertson - 'Slang For Funky' (CDR)
Get Ed - 'Funky Chicken' (Eukahouse)
H-Bomb - 'Open Up' (Midset)
Furry Phreaks - 'Soothe' (Phreaked) (Open)
Jamie Anderson - 'Rebel Sound' (Jeno's 'Wicked' Mix)(NRK)
Phil Weeks - 'It Put Me Well' (Fred Everything Remix) (Robsoul Revision)
Brassed Monkey - 'Big Ride' (Grooves CDR)
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