Dave Seaman - Radio Therapy Broadcast - January 2021

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Artist: Dave Seaman
Show: Radio Therapy Broadcast
Genre: Progressive House

Duration: 1:00:00
Bit rate: 320 Kbps
Size: 137 MB
Date: 12-January-2021
Track list:

1. Night Talk ‘Acid Rhumba’ [Frau Blau]
2. Santiago Gracia ‘Yo No Olvido’ [Mulitinotes]
3. Shifter ‘Voodoo Robotics’ [Innervisions]
4. James Harcourt ‘Litoloko’ [Selador]
5. Ivan Masa & Mattia Pompeo ‘Tape’ [Selador]
6. Dave Seaman ‘Buzzfuzzle’ [Selador]
7. Purple Kaiser ‘Purple Cycles’ [Ballroom Purple]
8. Stylo & Goom Gum ‘Teleport’ [Space Motion]
9. Hidden Empire & Bebetta ‘All Of Us’ [Stil Vor Talent]
10. Tayga ‘Bayeat’ [Isolate]
11. Aiwaska ‘Darkness’ (Patrice Bäumel) [Exploited Ghetto]
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