Francesca Lombardo, Paul Kalkbrenner, Christian Loffler, Stephan Bodzin, Anja Schneider, Derrick Carter, Helena Hauff, Nathan Fake, M.A.N.D.Y, San Soda, The ORB, Artefakt, Soulwax, Goldie, Nastia, Cassy, Scuba - XLR8R Podcasts 392-676 [HQ] - 31-Dec-2020

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XLR8R Podcasts 2015-2020 (5-Year Full)

  • Francesca Lombardo
  • Paul Kalkbrenner
  • Christian Loffler
  • Stephan Bodzin
  • Tomoki Tamura
  • Anja Schneider
  • Derrick Carter
  • Helena Hauff
  • Nathan Fake
  • M.A.N.D.Y
  • San Soda
  • The ORB
  • Artefakt
  • DJ Three
  • Soulwax
  • Goldie
  • Nastia
  • Cassy
  • Scuba
  • µ-Ziq
  • HAAi
  • Vril
  • DJT
  • FD

  • and others . . .
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