Hannah Wants - Radio 1's Essential Mix - 20-Nov-2020

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Hannah Wants
Radio 1's Essential Mix

Itís been five years since my debut Essential Mix, and itís mad to look back at the journey Iíve been on since then. When I got asked to make a second Essential Mix (thank you Radio 1 by the way!) I wanted to approach it a little differently.

2020 has been an absolute curveball year and I felt like it was all the more reason to make something that wouldnít necessarily be expected of me. Whilst Iím a house music DJ/producer first and foremost, thereís a whole lot of background to me as an artist, and I decided to delve into my roots and showcase my early influences.

I started out DJíing UK Garage and Speed Garage when both genres were in their peak in the UK, around 2002. And to this day, nearly 20 years later, I still love to drop tracks from that era and get inspired by the sounds. My Essential Mix features 39 Old Skool Garage tracks, and every single track featured provides me with many amazing memories. I had a huge amount of fun searching through old hard drives, taking a trip down memory lane and getting intricate with the mixes, which is something I always love to do when making mixtapes. I love to get super creative.

I hope you enjoy listening to the mix as much as I enjoyed making it. And I hope it either brings back many amazing memories for you too. Or, if youíre not from a UKG background, I hope the mix opens your ears up to an incredible and classic genre of music.

HW, November 2020 x
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