Dave Seaman - Live @ SET's Stay at Home Virtual Festival #2 - 13-Jun-2020

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Artist: Dave Seaman
Show: Live @ SET's Stay at Home Virtual Festival #2
Genre: Progressive House

Duration: 1:00:45
Bit rate: 320 kbps
Size: 139 MB
Date: 13-June-2020
Notes: Source Twitch

1. Joy Wellboy ‘Dreams Stay Dreams’ (Marcus Worgull Remix) [FAYER]
2. Clavis ‘Art Of Duplicity’ [ISOLATE]
3. Cioz ‘Cookie Man’ [GET PHYSICAL]
4. Yotam Avni ‘9th Of May’ [KOMPAKT]
5. Dusky ‘Imagine What’ [17 STEPS]
6. Tibi Dabo ‘Komorebi’ (David Morales Remix) [CROSSTOWN REBELS]
7. Glowal ‘Antenna’ [WATERGATE]
8. Geju ‘Prasdnost’ (Chaim Mix) [GARDENS OF BABYLON]
9. Derün ‘Blind The Sun’ [SOL SELECTAS]
10. Yeah But No ‘I Still Keep Love For You’ (Einmusik Mix) [SINNBUS]
11. Seam Branton ‘Warung’ [NIGHTCOLOURS]
12. Adriatique & Marino Canal feat. Delia De France ‘Home’ [SIAMESE]
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