Volvox - Reclaim Your City 383 - 17-May-2020

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A staple component of New York’s techno renaissance, the name of Unter and Jack Dept. affiliate Volvox has become synonymous with surgical mixing technique and a certain square-shooting, take-no-prisoner approach towards dance floor business. Stamina-testing and raw to the bone, her music runs the gamut from skull-crushing 4x4 obedience to muggy 303-riddled salvos, abrasive house rhythms and everything in between. Remaining true to the original spirit of the Detroit pioneers all the while computing the next winning equation that’ll make ravers lose their marbles in an utterly new fashion every time the needle hits the groove, Volvox keeps on blowing minds for a routine. Add that RYC mix to her long list of face-melting sonic misdemeanors and red-handed audio assault; plain and simple, it's just criminally good.

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