THE BPM FESTIVAL 2017 - FULL COLLECTION - 50 Parties, 273 hours of music, including many unreleased sets - January 2017

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including following parties, some are raw uncut from Ibiza Global Radio and Ibiza Sonica, as i have no time to do that cutting, sarr..

06-jan-2017 - Knee Deep In Sound (Martina's Big Beach)
06-jan-2017 - MATERIA - FROM 04-00 TO 10-00 CET - RAW UNCUT
06-jan-2017 - Pacha INSANE & FACT (Wah Wah Beach Bar)

07-jan-2017 - All Day I Dream (Martina Beach)
07-jan-2017 - ANTS (Blue Parrot)
07-jan-2017 - BETTER LOST THAN STUPID - FROM 06-00 TO 11-00 CET - RAW UNCUT
07-jan-2017 - live at Deeperfect (Wah Wah Beach Bar)
07-jan-2017 - Salsanera

08-jan-2017 - AGNT Showcase (Tribeca)
08-jan-2017 - Music On (The Jungle)
08-jan-2017 - MUSIC ON LIVE - FROM 04-00 TO 10-00 CET AND FROM 19-00 TO 22-00 CET - RAW UNCUT
08-jan-2017 - Suara (Martina Beach)
08-jan-2017 - Subliminal 20
08-jan-2017 - Toolroom Showcase (Wah Wah Beach Bar)
08-jan-2017 - YAAH MUUL Jungle Party (Palapa Kinha)

09-jan-2017 - Intec (Blue Parrot)
09-jan-2017 - It's All About The Music (La Santanera)
09-jan-2017 - Music On (Martina Beach)
09-jan-2017 - Repopulate Mars (Canibal Royal)

10-jan-2017 - Diynamic In The Jungle (Palapa Kinha)
10-jan-2017 - Hot Creations (La Salsanera)
10-jan-2017 - ITS ALL ABOUT THE MUSIC - FROM 04-00 TO 12-00 CET - RAW UNCUT
10-jan-2017 - Transmit VS Tronic (Wah Wah Beach Bar)
10-jan-2017 - Tribeca Playa
10-jan-2017 - We Are The Night (Blue Parrot)
10-jan-2017 - We Are The Night (Blue Parrot) - FULL

11-jan-2017 - Apollonia All Day Long (Martina Beach)
11-jan-2017 - Do Not Sit By The Ocean (Canibal Royal)
11-jan-2017 - Do Not Sit By The Ocean (Canibal Royal) - RAW UNCUT FROM IBIZA SONICA
11-jan-2017 - Listed Presents Play (La Santanera)
11-jan-2017 - NONSTOP VS D-FLOOR - FROM 06-00 TO 11-00 CET - RAW UNCUT

12-jan-2017 - Bedrock Showcase (Blue Parrot)
12-jan-2017 - Detroit Love (Canibal Royal)
12-jan-2017 - MINDSHAKE - FROM 06-00 TO 11-00 CET - RAW UNCUT
12-jan-2017 - Solamente (Blue Parrot)
12-jan-2017 - Stereo Productions (Wah Wah Beach Bar)
12-jan-2017 - STEREO PRODUCTIONS - FROM 00-00 TO 3-00 CET - RAW UNCUT

13-jan-2017 - Kaluki (Blue Parrot)
13-jan-2017 - Retrospectivo Aire (Thompson Hotel)

14-jan-2017 - BPMOOD (Blue Parrot)
14-jan-2017 - Ibiza Sonica & Pioneer DJ Radio Showcase
14-jan-2017 - Rumors (Martina Beach)
14-jan-2017 - Rumors (Martina Beach) - RAW UNCUT FROM IBIZA SONICA
14-jan-2017 - SCI-TEC (Palapa Kinha)
14-jan-2017 - Vatos Locos (Blue Parrot)
14-jan-2017 - Yoshitoshi Showcase (Wah Wah Beach Bar)

15-jan-2017 - FORM Music (Santanera)
15-jan-2017 - Jungle Closing Paty
15-jan-2017 - This Is The End (Martina Beach)
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AlexTheLionstar loooooooooooool wrote on January 31st, 2017
Downloaded some missing mixes. Thanks for collection!
daxigualightning big watermelon wrote on February 1st, 2017
I saw earlier on my client that 2 users are using the same port!
Had to happen eventually. I wonder if that makes any problems?!
One is Australia, the other Canada. port 51xxx not sure, but you might want to change your port if this is you!
loconejo user wrote on February 1st, 2017
awesome tracks! thanks
fuzzmanmattstarlightning Wubz4Life wrote on February 4th, 2017
Figured I may as well pull down the whole thing, so there ya go!
earxtacy user wrote on February 4th, 2017
dsp user wrote on February 5th, 2017
Great work, thanks
jack.janssen.583 user wrote on February 7th, 2017
Super, thank's!!!!
sharadanand user wrote on February 8th, 2017
amazing Blast of music. !! going crazy
crystalmais user wrote on May 30th, 2019
Nice Mixes Thanks