More information on different ways to Log In and Sign Up.

lets take a moment and see a little bit deeper into the different registration and login ways provided. two of them are the Traditional ways - login and signup as it's been since the site's first days. the other two were brought in and activated summer 2011 - the Quick Login (via Facebook) and Quick Secure Registration. let's start with the latter two, although they are first on the index page nowadays. why? because everyone and everything is into Facebook these days, so we need to keep up, try to engage people more, and it's easy for new users to signup or quickly start using the site without so much as a click.


We apologize for inconvenience. Please, login and signup via classic methods with username and email.

If you signed up with Facebook before or used to login via Facebook Quick Login...
  • ... and have complied with website's requirements and submitted an email to your account, - simply RECOVER YOUR PASSWORD HERE.
  • ... and never submitted your email, not during registration, not after, not ever, - simply REGISTER AGAIN VIA CLASSIC SINGUP.
  • with time permitting in the future, we will restore the Full/Quick FB Signup/Login and add other registration methods too. Life priorities dictate different at the moment. We hope you understand.

    login with email Classic Login. just a few words here... logging in this way is not possible if You've never completed Registration and/or have only used our Quick Login option (with Quick Login, no login info is needed and/or stored in browser, - but being logged in to facebook is required). in case You did a Classic or Secure Signup or upgraded Your Quick Login account to Full Account (by simply adding an email address in Your Profile), - this is a piece-a-cake... when this method is used, Your login info (username and encoded password) is stored as cookies in Your browser (cookies must be enabled in browser's settings). when You leave, You can do a normal Log Out, thus erasing all cookies and manually logging in the next time You come around. or You can simply close the browser window. or load another site in it for that matter. simply - finish using tribalmixes for now (without clicking Log Out), which will allow You to authenticate quickly next time using those cookies we stored earlier. it's all done automatically, so You won't need to do a thing, - only open a browser and simply start using Tribalmixes. if cookies are not manually removed from the browser, they will stay there for ever thus completely eliminating the need to log in/log out. such settings are recommended for personal computers, which are not used by many people, although checking the site in a public place, like an internet cafe, i would recommend doing a complete logout every time You leave!

    signup with email our Traditional Registration Method is made up of 2 steps. here we need to confirm You too, and we do it by checking Your access to the email You provide on the Registration Screen. it only needs that, plus Your desired username and Your password. username is not 'forged' here for You, so You will be sent back to pick a different username if Your selection is already taken. also You need to take a look at the Site Rules and F.A.Q. and check the needed boxes there to be let through, but when You do and system accepts Your Registration Request, we still have one more step, and it's proven deadly for some of the registrants. what we do is send out an email to Your email address, which contains a link You need to click in order to confirm Yourself and Your access to this email address. and the tricky part here is... emails can disappear. so You might never receive Your link. about half of the registrations do not confirm themselves on daily basis, either refusing the idea or being unable to locate that confirmation link, due to not seeing the actual email letter from tribalmixes... there's nothing we can do about it, we are using Google to handle our emailing activities, so either we can blame them, or we can assume there are some blocks on the way to You, and something somehow stopped the email, or turned it around.. in case You don't receive Your link within a few seconds after finishing the registration, try to either use a different email on a new username, or wait 72 hours for our system to remove this unconfirmed account, and You can also look in F.A.Q. on how to remove Your account Yourself, but it's a bit more work, although it will allow You to try Your username with a different email, cause it gets locked for next 72 hours if account stays until the auto-sweeps. logging in later can be done the Traditional Way manually entering the info, or through Quick Login, if You add facebook to Your (tm) account, join them in one... this is a less preferred Registration method, because of the emails being lost, and info transfer is not secure, really... well, it is secure, we just don't do anything extra to secure it even more, but that could be because we don't store any of Your info in general, except for the password, and that one is encoded very heavily. also we run a proxy check, You cannot be behind a proxy while signing up this way, so use Facebook Login/Signup in case if proxy cannot be removed from interfering.

    Classic Login MethodClassic Login with email and password. No facebook login anymore. Reset password here if needed.
    Classic Signup MethodClassic Registration - prove you're human by entering a working e-mail address (confirmed later).