Budeaux - Solace Podcast 008 - 21-Mar-2013

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Solace Podast 008 Feat. Budeaux.mp3.torrent


Budeaux from night tracks steps up for the next instalment and gives us over 2 hours worth of forward thinking  deep and emotive music.

Mantsevich Dzenis & Myszkowski - November (Schall-Netlabel)
Bonecold - Late (Self Release)
D'Cruze - Heaven (Suburban Base)
DB1 - Vanguard (Version) (Dub)
Pole - Taxi (Kiff SM)
Loscil - Cascadia Terminal (Kranky)
Neka - Nmap (Dub)
Mirror State - Conscious (Broken Bubble)
Ghostlight - Saboteur (Dub)
Atsubox - Creep (Forthcoming Night Tracks)
Kelle - Sullen (Dub)
Delete - Remember Us (Roof Light Remix) (Mindtrick Records)
Davwuh & Budeaux - On The Same Streets (Forthcoming Night Tracks)
Kid Smpl - Streetlight (Dub)
Owsey - Quiet Strength (Free DL)
Jabu feat. Kahn - Still (Astro:Dynamics)
Sangam & Bruised Skies - Subcontinent (Free DL)
Forest Swords - If Your Girl (No Pain In Pop)
Kelle - Ghost Train (Dub)
Rax - Budeaux & Sangam Bootleg (Dub)
Sangam - Left At The Junction (Free DL)
Delete - Warm Street (Dub)
Fedbymachines - St. Anna (Forth. Night Tracks)
Burial - Shutta (Hyperdub)
Owsey & CoMa - Stay With Me (Jernalism Remix) (Free DL)
Amyrt - 2nd Trip (Forthcoming Benchmark)
Svpreme Fiend - Unrequited (Dub)
Roof Light - Wasteland VIP (Dub)
Sin-Seer & Atsubox - Paranoid In Paradise (Dub)
Aphex Twin - Rhubarb (Warp)
Jehst & Klashnekoff - Night Breed (Sangam Dusk Bootleg) (Free DL)
Kelle - Kaag (Dub)
Kelle - Rigid (L Own Remix) (Forthcoming Night Tracks)
Flur - Kapitel XIII (Free DL)
Neka & Shura - Bars And Tone (Forthcoming Night Tracks)
Rhythm & Sound - Outward (Rhythm & Sound)
Glossata - Deeply Evoked By The Stars (Self Release)
Zelda Marshall - For You (Dub)
VVV & Ghostek - Flashing Light (Dub)
Retral - Burying A Dead Family Member Pt. I, II & III (Forthcoming Night Tracks)
Sangam - Lost Hydro (Forthcoming Night Tracks)
Strategy - The Party's Over (Boomarm Nation)
Extract Of Charles Dicken's "The Signalman" (BBC)

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