Kove - Data Transmission Podcast 260 - October 2012

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Kove - Data Transmission Podcast 260 - 08-apr-2013.mp3.torrent

Kove only recently made the switch to D&B (2010) and was soon after discovered by Futurebound (Viper) start 2012 and Andy C (Ram) end 2012, and has been gaining popularity at a fast pace.

This podcast is from october or so but was re-upped by Kove himself today, with tracklist!

More info: Kove facebook, Data Transmission website

Sussex based Producer/DJ Kove first started dabbling in music production in 2006 and by 2009 he’d moved to London to produce for a synth-pop band, things didn't work out and he eventually left. However, whilst in London he discovered the world of Drum and Bass music. He hasn’t looked back since.

This year saw two of his tracks being picked up by Futurebound of Viper Recordings, with one of the tracks, ‘Breach’ receiving a play on BBC’s 1 Xtra. His next single, ‘Iodine’ was picked up by Andy C of Program/Ram records and is due on October 8th. Expect big things from this guy.

Dimension ft Cyantific - Detriot
Tantrum Desire - get with it
Ed Rush & Optical - Chubrub
Wickaman, Hoodlum & Mavrik - One scratch
Kove - Sleep it off
Delta Heavy - Minus
Calyx & TeeBee - Pure Gold
Decimal Bass - Jupiter
Break - Framework
Kove - See You
Wilkinson - Automatic
Metrik - Drift
S.P.Y & Kasra - Surface
Enei - Stonehead
Kove - Open Ground
Cyantific - Mirador
Commix - Be True
Kove - Gumbo
Rene LaVice - Headlock VIP
Aphrodite - Bad Ass
Culture Shock - Troglodyte
Kove - Iodine
Hamilton - Deep In My Heart
Wilkinson - Tonight
Calyx & TeeTee - Perspectives
Wickaman & RV - Sound Clash
Frankee - Pandorum
Kove - Breach
DC Breaks - Move Closer
Netsky - Come Alive (Culture Shock Remix)
Noisia & Phace - Program
S.P.Y - Love & Hate
Kove - Horizon

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