Robbie4Ever - Trance Anarchy 052, - 05-Mar-2013

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Robbie4Ever - Trance Anarchy 052 - 05-March-2013.mp3.torrent

Trance Anarchy 052 - Mixed by Robbie4Ever

Time for something different. Not the usual massive beats, but Psy Trance and Progressive (what a combo...)

We start with some nice psy tunes and halfway we switch to progressive with a special version of: "A forest" by Blank & Jones.
The original is from The Cure and I bet the oldies amongst us remember this one.
So we kind of slow down in the middle and end with another load of psy.

Trance Anarchy broadcast:
Tuesday, 23.00 CET on Contact-Dance
Thursday, 12.00 CET on
Friday, 17.00 CET on LazerFM Chicago
Sunday, 13.00 CET on Radio HiTec
Sunday, 22.00 CET on Global EDM Radio

More info:
Broadcast schedule
Facebook group

01 Flexus - Sunset
02 Reaky - Magnum Orca (Activa Remix)
03 Aladiah & Signs - Terranova
04 Zyce - Android (Flegma & Nerso Remix)
05 Outsiders - Highlight (Original Mix)
06 Aladiah & Zyce - Pieces Of My Soul
07 Lyctum - Greece 2000
08 Suntree - Unseen (Ritmo Remix)
09 Blank & Jones feat. Robert Smith - A Forest (Tripeller Remix)
10 Anemosphere -  Kyra (Adam Nickey Remix)
11 Photographer - Night Rush (Lee Miller Remix)
12 Liquid Soul - After Effect
13 Symbolic & Sphera - One Step Closer (Original Mix)
14 Monk3ylogic - Subliminal System-Into The Burgh (Monk3ylogic Remix)
15 Ace Ventura - Presence(Interactive Noise Remix)
16 Philter - Water Sensation (Krama Remix)
17 Timelock, Liquid Soul - Purity (Timelock Remix)

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