Ash Med School (Ashley Howard) - Med School Mix (for New Blood 011) - 28-Mar-2011

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Ash Med School (Ashley Howard) - Med School Mix (for New Blood 011) - 28-mar-2011.mp3.torrent

This was a mix from Med School Music (sister label of Hospital Records) for the New Blood 011 compilation, mixed by Ash Med School (Ashley Howard, Med School Music's label manager).
This mix was included as an extra in the digital download package, and provided today as a free promo mix for their upcoming New Blood 013 compilation.
The comment below is the original release announcement of the New Blood 011 compilation.

More info: Ashley Howard facebook, Med School Music website

Following the success of last year's 'New Blood 010′ compilation, Med School Music gets the scalpel out once again to bring you another selection of super sharp cuts from fresh and forward-thinking artists. It's a whole new blood group fresh from dialysis.

Diversity is at the core of the 'New Blood' ethos. From the compelling dancefloor-driven excursions of Lung, Flame, Rawtekk, Sato and Anile right through to the lush guitar-laden dubstep sounds of Eleven8. Spherique, Luca and Nuage provide sumptuous and melodic contributions, while Subreachers, Bulb and Furi Anga inject a healthy dose of deep minimal beats.

The previous 'New Blood' compilation set a precedent for the series by storming straight into the iTunes 'Top 10 Dance Album Chart' and the latest instalment looks likely to repeat this success, bringing another batch of future stars to the fore. It's new music's marvellous medicine... rejuvenating the blood from the inside out!

00:00 Luca 'Saint Bond'
02:34 Krone & Malsum (featuring Strago) 'Rainforest'
05:08 Anile 'Change of Direction'
07:43 Lung 'Relapse'
09:55 Sato 'Fuse'
12:29 Rawtekk 'Snowflakes'
14:46 Melo 'Insight'
16:14 Furi Anga 'Rainbow Unit'
18:49 Flame 'Watcher'
21:01 Nuage 'Missing You'
25:04 Bulb (featuring Tiiu) 'Distinctions Of The Same'
28:23 Clarity 'Underneath The Leaves'
30:57 Spherique 'Snowflakes Catcher'
32:48 Subreachers 'Elysian Fields'
34:38 Eleven8 'Colours Of Distance'
37:23 Nuage 'Remember The Lights'

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