Kaek - Summer Mix February 2013 - 15-Feb-2013

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Kaek - Summer Nights Mix - February 2013.m4a.torrent

Hi this is a summer (in the southern hemisphere lol!) mix I did for everyone's listening pleasure.

It comprised of upbeat trance tunes with a lot of rolling basslines. Most tunes are recent but some are from a few years ago.


Jonathan Carvajal - Switched Off (original mix - JOC edit)
Bryan Kearney - High Anxiety (Original Mix)
Raytheon - Blade Run (Ikerya Project Remix)
Tonny Nesse - 7th Wonder (Chris Metcalfe Remix)
Bryan Kearney - Get The Edge (Original Mix)
John O'Callaghan - Psychic Sensor (Indecent Noise Remix)
Nick Sentience - Nocturnal
John O'Callaghan - Unfold (Thomas Bronzwaer & Mark Leanings Mix)
Ascania - Emerald (Ikerya Project Remix)
Toryn D & Dave Wright - Redemption  (Original Mix)

As this is my first upload to tribalmixes please let me know what you think and enjoy  :-P
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