Hectix - Pirate Station Guestmix - 02-Nov-2011

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Hectix - Pirate Station Guestmix - 02-nov-2011.mp3.torrent

I know it's an old one, but I recently found this one and I'm an immense fan of Hectix.
As he doesn't have many mixes floating around, I'll let you enjoy this one as well.
I'll be upping another old mix from Hectix in a bit as well, my absolute favourite.

More info: Hectix facebook

My guest mix in the biggest Russian dnb radioshow "PIRATE STATION"
enjoy :wink:

>>>Sigma-Jungle (Subzero remix)
3.Camo&Krooked feat. TC-Make the Call (D&B mix)
>>>Alpine Dub & Contract Killers - First Step
4.Nu Elementz Decimal Bass-Shogun (Majistrate_remix)
5.Fred V-Paradise
6.Hectix-Days Without You
7.Daft Punk-Aerodynamic (Specimen A & James D'ley re-fix)
8.Cyantific-Touch Me
9.KG feat. Victoria Port-The Day She Walked Away
11.Indivision feat. Zardonic-Falling Up
12.Electrosoul System - Forester's Magic Shack (GeneticBros Remix)

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