Robbie4Ever - Trance Anarchy 048, - 05-Feb-2013

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Robbie4Ever - Trance Anarchy 048 - 05-February-2013.mp3.torrent

Trance Anarchy 048 - Mixed by Robbie4Ever

Trance Anarchy 048.

A nice mixture of Trance and Anarchy. You will hear nice tracks with lots of synths and some tracks with pumping-, kicking-, younameit beats.

With a classic favorite of mine:
The Thrillseekers - Synaethesia (Touchstone Remix)

Trance Anarchy broadcast:
Tuesday, 23.00 CET on Contact-Dance
Thursday, 12.00 CET on
Friday, 17.00 CET on LazerFM Chicago
Saturday, 00.00 CET on Energy106
Sunday, 13.00 CET on Radio HiTec
Sunday, 22.00 CET on Global EDM Radio

More info:
Broadcast schedule
Facebook group

01 Ray Tian - Cali Rol (Original Mix)
02 Estigma feat. REN - Heartbeat (Kaimo K's Dub Solution)
03 Jamie Drummond - Orphan (Original Mix)
04 Max Braiman - Forgiven (James Dymond Remix)
05 The Thrillseekers - Synaethesia (Touchstone Remix)
06 Andre Visior - Moonraker (Tube & Miller Remix)
07 Abstract Vision & Elite Electronic Vs Photographer - Legion (Paul Miller Vs Ronald de Foe Remix)
08 Indecent Noise - Civitanova (Nick Callaghan & Will Atkinson's Extended Remix)
09 Chris Cockerill & Phil-Lee - Nobody Is Nobody (Darren Porter Remix)
10 Grenz & Skaarung - Radiate (Suncatcher Remix)
11 Coldplay - Paradise (Mark Sherry's Coldburst Remix)
12 John Askew - Battery Acid (Brean Kearney's 'For The Neightbours' Remix)
13 Peter Plaznik & Kasix - Ego Maniacs (Original Mix)
14 Billy Gillies - Digital Sundown (Paul Todd Remix)

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