LeCCa - May Tribes - 04-May-2007

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Tribes Of May.torrent

just finished this one, it's a continuation of a february mix of mine (i will post it if u like this...) and it sounds just the way i wanted...  deep, progressive and chilled. and the tribal part is more...soft. something for ur thoughtfull nights...
the tracks are some of the best i've been listening lately. I think u guys will enjoy them.

1. Glender - Echoes (Extended Dub Intro)
2. Glender - Echoes (Original Mix)
3. Arthur Deep - In Motion (Original Mix)
4. P Carrilho - Fascination (Shuffle Progression Remix)
5. Martin Garcia - Heaven
6. Porty Action feat. Kristine - At The End (4th Floor Mix)
7. Eduardo Perez - Embrujada (Josel Terrace Mix)
8. Federico Epis - Somewhere In Heaven (Original Mix)
9. Jay Lumen - One Week In Paradise (Original)
10.Alex Gomez - Soliter Final (Original)
11.Peter Corvaia - Saudade (Stopping Time Forever Mix)
12.Martin Garcia - We Are Not Winners
13.Chris Jonkind - Walled City (Federico Giust Remix)
14.Lustral - Everytime (Funkagenda Remix)
15.Cbass & Mikobene - Story About Good Girl (Original Mix)

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