Parallels from Softube could well be your dream synth plugin

papawise house & techno on March 13th, 2019 / post 73185

Softube has released a new softsynth called Parallels with two main philosophies; to sound great and be instantly inspirational.

The synth is built around two main sound sources, working in parallel, which can be then modulated with five different sources, filtered by three analogue-modelled filter types and fed through five different effects.
The sound sources derive from meticulous, high quality recordings of some of the most sought-after synths ever made and even some that never made it into production.

Instead of simply copying and recreating the waveforms, the designers took 15-second snapshots of evolving sounds from each instrument, which can be played back from any point, with what Softube describes as wavescanning.

Parallels works with VST, VST3, Audio Units and AAX Native and is available now for the introductory price of $129 (full price of $149). More details can be found on the Softube website.

Parallels highlights
A plug-in soft-synth with dual wavescanning source sections
Almost a hundred high-quality pre-recorded multi-waveforms
Sonic progression within each waveform means near-infinite source-material
Two parallel sources means blended sounds, opening up exponentially more possibilities
Up to fourteen voices (seven per source when both sources are active)
Hundreds of expertly-created presets from world-leading synth artists, engineers, and sound-designers, including Brian Transeau a.k.a. BT, Richard Devine, Inhalt, and more.
Three analog-modeled filter types (state-variable, vactrol LPG, and resonant peaks)
Five sophisticated types of modulation source; LFO, random, Euclidian sequencer, step sequencer, and envelope
Five top-quality effects options; distortion, chorus, flanger, delay, and reverb
Inspirational, creative, and beautiful
Crucially, it always sounds amazing
hard work always gonna payback...
papawise house & techno on March 14th, 2019 / post 73194
what'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?
hard work always gonna payback...
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