My Collection - Back online!! (not yet, just planning)

slash ProDanceCulture on February 3rd, 2019 / post 73103
Hi everyone

i know i've been kinda avoiding my responsibilities here on tribalmixes. sorry about that. i've switched to new computer, old one was dying constantly. i finally got to it, downgraded all overclocking, and it seems to be OK.

the situation is, i now have 3 PCs with utorrent on them. i need to combine 2 of them into 1. this involves at least 6 HDDs that have files on them. i can do 3 things that i see right now, 2 of them are ridiculously time consuming:

1. quick solution: put 2 pcs online together. drawback: 3 pcs (including pc0 current one) will be sharing the upstream.. i do not want 3 pcs to be online.. unless 1 is in the basement..

2. add 30k torrents from pc2 to pc1. this will require then either:
a) attending to every torrent personally, due to multiple HDDs and multiple paths
b) making some kind of virtual folder that contains "hardlinks" to files from multiple downloads folders, and then running utorrent with all those folders let it check all of them eventually, long but no human involvement for the most part

in any case these solutions are time consuming.. i will need to move 3000 torrents from pc1 to pc0, to make it easier just dealing with new ones..

i can bring about 40.000 seeds back online.. i just need a good method.. anyone has any ideas?

the main problem is basically that each HDD has downloads folder, each of those has music & movies folders separate.. sometimes music folders are split into 1,2,3 cause of too many files accumulated i'd just switch to new folder.. so there is at least 15-20 locations..
XFREEXWORLDX UltimateSuccess on February 15th, 2019 / post 73116
I would do the second solution. If you do plan on moving files from one hdd to another hdd, do not do that. You will corrupt everything. Attend to each of those torrents individually until you find a better way of working around that process....
properstar user on February 21st, 2019 / post 73125
I'd sacrifice the older torrents and start fresh
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