Guess who's back???

salsablightning Tribal Darkness on October 4th, 2018 / post 72826
That's right folks, I am back from the living dead, sorry I was forced to go away for quite some time, lil over 7 years, Prison sucks. :whistle:
Anyway, I am at a halfway house now and I am a few months till I get reestablished fully at home and I will start to become a full member once again, seeding and reseeding what ever I have... I have missed this website in the last 7 + years and can not wait to get back at it..

Too the staff here at Tribalmixes, I really appreciate you guys keeping this thing alive for so long...

I look forward to all the party tunes once again... :yoji: :thankyou:
slash ProDanceCulture on October 6th, 2018 / post 72831
hehe, welcome back, bro. 7 years, heh... ok you don't have to tell... =) it's cool.. i personally have 1 week in jail (the longest)... so it's cool, we don't care.. =)))

but it's great to have you back, more energy, maybe now you're all hungry for sound... anyways, enjoy!

how does music sound? nothing really changed, only dubstep and EDM became more prominent. and dark + progressive + deep became a little more dead... =)
salsablightning Tribal Darkness on October 6th, 2018 / post 72833
Hungry for sound is not the best way to describe it, the music selections in the areas where I was housed pretty much sucked, the only thing that kept me sane was my good ol' MP3 player. To say the least I am dying to hear some good tunes. :yes:
sorry to hear that dark progressive became dead, haven't seen much tribal either... :no:
Once I am out of the halfway house I will definitely start to browse a lil more, I am a bit limited here cause they have no supporting software to even look on YouTube lol and of course I can not even get a single torrent either til I am home. :'-(
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