invisible torrent

savafut user on July 15th, 2018 / post 72455

i uploaded 30 minutes ago a torrent(i uploaded many in the past without problems) ; this one is the first torrent after tribalmixes changed its look  ;  the torrent has already 4 seeders.

my problem is that it's not visible on the main page despite the fact that option is checked.... any suggestions?

slash ProDanceCulture on July 15th, 2018 / post 72456
what option is checked??

you chose to place your torrent onto releases page.

right here

and here's your torrent

and using the opportunity i want to thank you for sharing music. and want to ask you, why do you name your torrent Phaedra - Equinox 097(back2basics) July 2018 - 14-Jul-2018? doesn't it for 1 second bother you that the name says "July 2018 - 14-Jul-2018"? i have been editing your torrents every time you share them, it is always doubled date in the title. how hard is it to edit the title and remove doubling date? or not add it into title to start with, so won't have to edit later.. you don't edit, but i do. every time i edit your torrent titles.. can you please be more attentive next time and only have date one time in torrent title?
savafut user on July 15th, 2018 / post 72457
thanks for support Slash and will do better next time
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