March 14-18 Ibiza Sonica pres. Sonica @ El Sitio Playa Venao, page 1

AlexTheLionstar the Gangster is on March 12th, 2018 / post 71976

5 consecutive day of good music live and direct from Panama.

Broadcasted only by Ibiza Sonica.
AlexTheLionstar the Gangster is on March 12th, 2018 / post 71977
*kinda off-topic*

Guys, it was a pure miracle that I collected everything form last year. Due to technical and personal reasons I'm not sure I'll rip it off the radio this year. So please, if it's possible for anyone out here to record it, please, DO IT!

For those who's gonna rip it through AIMP, as I do, please, organize all the records as clean as possible, because Ibiza Sonica ID3tags is the least thing you and everyone here wanna deal with.
This file name template should help you:

%date% - %time%. %artist% - %title%

You can change the template at Options->Player->Internet Radio->Internet Radio Capture

And yea, for those, who wants to rip it, just add this URL to playlist and press "record stream".
slash ProDanceCulture on March 17th, 2018 / post 71990
i kinda gavew up on ibiza sonica... 65kbps stream??? forget about it.. i used to like music on sonica, but not with that sound quality...
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