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C64lightning Power User on March 30th, 2015 / post 67165
Just want to know what headphones you use?

I use Sennheiser HD-25 and Shure SRH1840
RattuSlightning pretty deep on March 30th, 2015 / post 67169
Beyerdynamics DT 990 (open) and 770 (closed). They are incredible!
munkynstar Moderator on March 30th, 2015 / post 67172
Sony MDR7506....uber comfortable
IB1starvip Moving Biology on March 30th, 2015 / post 67174
Sennheiser px100 -II for listening to music whilst I'm out about as they produce a quality sound for that size and weight.

Ultrasone HFI-15G connected to a FiiO portable headphone amp (gives more power and bass if required) connected to a (rockboxed) sansa clip+ ( All in~Excellent sound reproduction in a comparably very lightweight mini form factor)

Other Headphones also.The above have been my favourite for a while, as I don't just  passively listen to music.

I dynamically move with it  :love:

The best sounding headphones I have heard to date ( I've bought and sold many) are Hifiman HE-400

They use Planar-Magnetic Drivers  :thumbsup: .

Too Big and bulky though for my use. So I sold them. If they could make some lighter in weight more compact planer-magnetic headphones, I'd love to try them out.  :whistle:
Music is physics brought to life with biology.
C64lightning Power User on April 1st, 2015 / post 67184
RattuS wrote:
Beyerdynamics DT 990 (open) and 770 (closed). They are incredible!
I Listen to Beyerdynamics DT 990, Sennheiser 650 & Shure SRH1840 in a music store and i think that the Shure headphones had a bigger soundstage & more 3D feeling to the sound.
christoski user on April 2nd, 2015 / post 67186
I've had a pair of Klipsch IMAGE S4i for a few years now, and for the price, I'm quite happy with the sound quality. Only wish the 'case' wasn't so bulky.  :-D
munkynstar Moderator on April 28th, 2019 / post 73398
My pride and joy are my Sony MDR-7506, however I need to fix them (replacement jack connector bent) for now I am using my first pair of good headphones  I bought years ago which are Sennheiser HD25-1
pizdasular </> on May 1st, 2019 / post 73412
I am using for music Sony mdr-v55.
galacticsoapstar V.I.P. on May 1st, 2019 / post 73413
I'm lucky enough to be able to afford a headphone and 2 channel system of a fairly high level. I'm an audiophile, so this is a vice/passion/hobby. My headphone system is:

Streamer: Lumin U1
DAC & Headphone Amplifier: Chord Hugo 2
Upsampler: Chord  Blu Mk2
Headphone: Abyss TC

80% of my listening is lossless Redbook streamed through Tidal & Quboz via Roon,the remaining 20% is lossy encodes via Tirbalmixes and other web based sources.
papawise Uploader on May 2nd, 2019 / post 73420
I recently bought the Beyer Dynamic DT 770 PRO

slash ProDanceCulture on May 3rd, 2019 / post 73421

i recently got these taotronics, - not really happy.. good sound, bassy, deep, nice, i like it, and noise-cancelling is not too bad, but they are kinda heavy... and tight. after 2-3hs my head's temple starts to be noticeable... have you ever felt that spot on your head in general life? me - not until these recent weeks.. and ears hurt from the tight grip.. with wool beanie that i like to wear at home sometimes, - ears ok, temple still starts after a longer while.. but i guess i know now what you get for $50... maybe i should go for $300 next..
buszberletlightning tribalmixr on May 26th, 2019 / post 73554

I have two Sennheiser HD600, one used, one new in box.

I think, one of the best headphone on the planet right now. Just the 440 USD price is...
munkynstar Moderator on October 14th, 2019 / post 74069
munkyn wrote:
My pride and joy are my Sony MDR-7506, however I need to fix them (replacement jack connector bent) for now I am using my first pair of good headphones  I bought years ago which are Sennheiser HD25-1

Just got my Sony (oooh I missed them)  ones repaired here for anyone in the UK, highly recommended https://www.fixmyheadphones.co.uk/ :mbounce:
redmr2 user on October 21st, 2019 / post 74106
For edm music there is only one brand that really performs and doesn't kill the sound: Sony. Always has been and still is the leading headphone maker(just check out what all radio makers and studio professionals use).

I use a MDR-XB950 for listening to techno sets and other dance music. It's bass reproduction is like being at the venue standing close to the speaker stack. No other headphone I ever heard can do that without distortion and overall bad sound.
Mokumdrie user on October 30th, 2019 / post 74131
Sennheiser HD-25-1
i love them
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