Seeding old torrents before passkey

nibzo1 user on March 22nd, 2015 / post 67095

So I have a good few torrents running on a seedbox I build. This machine lives on my network and has my external IP address. I also have a router running a VPN connection and this is the default internet connection for the house. Most devices are in the house are hidden behind the IP od the vpn service.

This set up s fine but tribalmix tracker constantly tells me they dont know my ip. So i flip my laptop to the isp ip login then change back to my VPN. Great it works again, but this is really annoying to have to do.

No i use passkey and all is good. but all of the old torrents i was seeding keep reporting the error mentioned above. I get really annoyed having to switch networks. I tried swapping out the announce.php with announce.pjp?passkey.... in all of the torrents although me tool to do this did not do a good job.

So has any pone got any information on how to fix this issue. What will happen if i just remove all the old torrents and dont seed anymore??
whats my options.

Cheers lads
the machine turns and the sound flow...
slash ProDanceCulture on March 22nd, 2015 / post 67096

thanks for caring and being a responsible user.

changing the passkey should have worked. what client you got? there's a good tool for utorrent - BEncode Editor, at least for the version i am using..

nothing will happen if you don't seed them anymore either. just less points for you..
nibzo1 user on March 23rd, 2015 / post 67103
nice one cheer for the heads up of the tool, tries a bit of linux commanline magic to swap out the passkey although the string was partially updated but not with my passkey.

Ill give that tool a blast.

Most have seeded well already but wouldn't mind leaving them run for sometime more.
the machine turns and the sound flow...
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